issue one

When Abigail dreams, she goes to a terrible place. A world of blight and ruin, inhabited by a dark entity that pursues her relentlessly. Once passed off as disturbed childhood dreams, she soon finds figments of her nightmares bleeding into the waking world.


issue two

Trapped in her dreams, Abigail finds that this strange world is far more dangerous and complex than she could have ever imagined.


issue three

Lost and alone, Abigail takes shelter in an old cabin. Tea is had and snares are sprung.


issue four

The Princess revels in the glory of battle, Abigail reunites with some old familiar faces and the Queen puts her pieces into play.


issue five

The stage is set for a great and terrible show. The Queen issues a dire warning. Abigail is lost.


issue six

As one nightmare ends, another is set to begin. There is something terrible and forgotten in the basement.

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issue one

Chicago. The Roaring Twenties. When private detective Brennan O'Sullivan is hired to investigate the mysterious death of a reporter, he follows his only lead - a jagged, cryptic symbol - on a trail that will lead him to unknown horrors hiding at the edge of reality.

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issue two

Another warning from the dead. Plagued with bizarre visions, Sully's investigation begins to lead him towards the abyss.

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issue three

All the clues have led Sully to a seemingly-normal nightclub. What strange bodies does this place have hidden in the floorboards, and what will happen to Sully's mind when he uncovers them?

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issue four

Having come face to face with a great undying horror, Sully must drag himself from the grip of insanity to stop the shrieking madness that threatens everything. 


issue one

Welcome to The Simon Institute for Wayward Boys. 
A decades-old military school for troubled and dysfunctional youth, the prison school has seen more than it's share of tragedy. Ghosts of forgotten children roam the halls, hiding in the darkness, keeping their anger and guilt with them.


issue two

The darkness within The Simon Institute for Wayward Boys has become manifest. Unleashing itself upon the living without reason. Or mercy. 
Now everyone is dead. Except Derek. As he tries to escape the prison school, he must face both the horrors surrounding him, and those that lie within.


issue three

Seeking temporary refuge in a sub-basement of the prison school; Derek, Bryan, and David try to understand the dark history of The Simon Institute for Wayward Boys and how it relates to the horror that surrounds them.


issue four

The last three boys of Simon make their way to the exit, hoping to escape the prison school and it's terrible manifestations. But there are other horrors at play, that aren't confined to brick and mortar and iron bars and blackboards. Horrors that can't be escaped. No matter how hard you run.


issue five

The prison burns. The prison spreads.

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This Kickstarter-backed anthology contains four short horror stories written by JSB and illustrated by Chicago's finest indie comic goons.

All stories written by JSB

Art and pinups by Jon Michael LennonAngel OnofreLeo Perez, and JSB

Supplimental art by Ali Cantarella

Cover by Menton3