wearable devices

A few quick things...

Just a few quick things from Chicago Wizard Comics Show Convention that I forgot to mention:

-I am currently sold out of Wayward #4 and I've temporarily removed it from the Simon Store. I'm in the process of ordering more stock as well as stock for New York Comic Con from the printer, but they are notoriously goddamn slow. I'll put up a post when it's back in stock.

-Much to my surprise, a lot of people want my logo on a shirt. Ya know, this guy:

Probably 'cause they think he's Slenderman, which he's absolutely not.
I'm looking into it, along with my Crothulhu design I did a while back. I'll post more details into my brave official venture into Simon Corporation Wearable Devices if/when it happens.

That should be the important stuff. Aside from that, I'm about halfway done with Wayward #5, I'm prepping for New York, I'm working out the script and visual style for The Thing I'm Going To Do Once Wayward Is Finally Done (Working Title), and I'm getting ready to go back to school in September.

Okay. That's everything? Yeah, that should be everything. I'm out.