The dumpster has reached critical mass!

The AM Sessions have unexpectedly changed from "a temporary few weeks of all-nighters" to "how my damn life works now". I can't remember the last time I went to bed before 3 in the morning. I'm a full-fledged nightwalker now, but still semi-capable of my functions during the human hours. My internal clock is completely shot to hell and I love it.

The only problem is, this major shift in sleep schedule has happened at the same time as a whole bunch of project updates. Namely the completion of Wayward #3's initial art. With that massive hurdle behind me, all that's left to do is some editing, supplemental pages (the title page, "in the next issue" page, etc.), and the cover for Wayward #4. Then it's off to the printers.

[UPDATE: The cover for Wayward #4 is done. It's that thumbnail you're seeing on the side of this paragraph. For a larger version, CLICK HERE.]

I've had a personal goal/deadline/standard/whatever that once I had the first three issues of Wayward and some other standalone prints done, I would set up a table at the next local comic/horror convention. The next big con is Wizard World Chicago, which is coming up in...I don't know, sometime soon I think. So - pending a long, drawn-out issue with the printers - I've got to get my shit ready.

Now initially, "my shit" simply consisted of the first three issues of Wayward and the six Bump in the Night prints. (Two of which I still need to finish. NOTE TO SELF: Do that.) But that has apparently changed. About a week ago, I was hanging out at Crazy Bryan's House of Sexytimes when I doodled this:

Happy with my pudgy bastard Batman, I posted him up on my Facebook, where it received positive feedback. Mad with power, I added a follow up:

Along with this one, I added the following line: "I am taking requests." And they poured in.

Much to my surprise actually, as my stuff usually doesn't garner that much feedback. I guess people really have a thing for chubby superheroes. Their pudginess seems to tap into some unknown, chub-based pleasure centers in the unmapped, primal dark zones of their brain, turning them into frothing junkies, needing more and more of the pudgy. Never satisfied, they live only for the next hit of fat bastard ecstasy.

So I must provide.

I think I'm almost caught up on the first run of requests. I still have to do a Hulk and Spawn chub, but the requests are still coming in so there's no telling how big this project is going to be.

At first, I thought this was just going to be a Facebook thing; people name off a superhero and I draw a chub version of them. But then people started asking for prints. So now I'm trying to figure that out. I'm still brainstorming, but right now I'm thinking of doing these in mini-prints. Maybe something around the size of a postcard. Again, this is still all up in the air.

When the print thing was first suggested, I was just thinking of doing prints on demand for each person that made a request; but Nicole, Bryan, and Mary (henceforth referred to as the singular "Nibry'Mar the Terrible") suggested that I get some small frames and sell some limited-run framed mini-prints at the con.

Credit where it's due: Nibry'Mar the Terrible has been amazing in terms of 
helping me plan the particulars behind my projects. With all the printing and con setup and all the other aspects behind this stuff beyond the "draw it" phase, there's no way I'd be able to keep track of it all by myself. I make the shit, but without Nibry'Mar the Terrible it would be really hard to make the shit work, for lack of better terms. If this con thing actually does happen, it will be by the might of Nibry'Mar's three brains.

        I think I may veered off a bit there: a tangent of a tangent if you will. But the point of this post was to establish where I stand project wise. So let's see:

I need to finish the supplemental pages for Wayward #3 and get it printed. I need to finish the last two Bump in the Night prints. I need to figure out what the hell I'm going to do with this Chubs thing and get it done. I need to have all this done in time for the con. For the con, I need to design and print promo material (flyers, postcards, business cards, etc.) as well as figure how how many comics and prints I need and what the pricing for each should be.

I think that's about it. I hope that's about it.