Hallucinations May Occur

Classes have started back up and this semester's schedule is having a weird effect on my sleep habits. Even before this semester, my sleep schedule could be best described as "hazardous", but now it's been elevated to the previously-unknown "bizarro" status. It's okay. I only have to put up with it for ... the rest of the year.

Enough of that nonsense though, here's some updates.

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IT LOOKS BACK #3 is about half completed. I've been able to work on it pretty consistently recently, of course I fully expect that to end soon because of the aforementioned higher-learning nonsense. I'm also trying to get IT LOOKS BACK #1 into Comixology. I've submitted it and it has been tentatively accepted, meaning the book has been approved, but I have to correct an issue with the file first. Once it's corrected and the book is in, I'll begin submitting the rest of my stuff.

I've slowly been putting together a collected version of Wayward. Part of this is another round of printer research. Since this is a collected trade, it's a different binding than I'm used to working with. I've met a couple great printer guys at conventions, but they're always a buy-in-bulk and save setup. (i.e. if you pay $2,000 it's only a few bucks a book) By the numbers, they're great deals, but I don't have a couple grand to throw into printing, and that's not even considering where the hell I'm going to store a couple thousand trades in my apartment. As awesome as that would be, I'm still very much a small-run guy.

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Speaking of Wayward, The Simon Corporation just had it's very first book review. I've been following Tales of Unspeakable Taste for a while now because he reviews indie comics and I don't see a lot of other people doing that. I've seen a lot of my con mates' books show up there and I've been anticipating/dreading the time my stuff would - if ever - show up there. Anticipating because, holy shit a review would be awesome and dreading because Unspeakable Taste is the definition of unbiased. You can check out the review here.

I've been contemplating doing a webcomic; much in the way a shoeless man peers over the edge of the ledge he's scaled, looks down at the gathering crowd of gawkers and emergency personnel and contemplates every decision he's ever made. It's a format that I've always been interested in working in, and I have a story that I feel works best in that format, but I'm not nearly as enthusiastic about the responsibility. It's an idea I'm still exploring, but I haven't reached a decision yet.

And finally, I'm trying to put together my 2014 convention schedule. I'm taking the rest of this year off, but I want to do as many shows in 2014 as logistically possible. Nothing's set in stone yet, but I'll be posting show updates as they are confirmed.

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Consider this post irrelevant if the world ends this week.

I can't wait to for this week to be over so we can stop hearing about doomsday prophecies and Mayan calendars and what not. I've never bought into that stuff. Mayans tore each others hearts out to control the weather - a practice modern science has proved to only be about 25% effective. I don't exactly trust these guys to know when the world is going to end.

While I'm on this nonsense tirade, I've never understood the doomsday prepper crowd. Ya know, the guys that stockpile guns and twinkies and pogs in preparation for the end of the world. It creates something of a misnomer. I mean, "end of the world" implies complete and total annihilation - zero percent survivability. So why bother prepping? No flak jacket is going to help when the planet has been torn into numerous bite-size chunks and sent flying aimlessly into infinite cold void of blackest space. And if the "end of the world" event is survivable, and you're safe and sound with your bottled water and baked beans, then it's not exactly the end of the world is it? It's just a crappy thing that happened.

Unless you're Lord Humungus. Then, by all means, doomsday away.

Wow. I'm sorry. None of that had nothing to do with anything. I'm under the weather right now and my eyes are pooling with blood and my throat feels like I've been drinking gravel and I've been taking an atrocious amount of various cold medications, so don't expect gold from this post. There is a point to this entry, so let's stop rambling about whatever it was I was just writing and get to it.


1. The Simon Corporation will be at C2E2. I just got my acceptance email the other day. I also made a poster/flyer/design/thing to announce it. Here it is:

I used to make show flyers a lot back in my stupid band days. It's something I've always enjoyed doing, but I obviously haven't been able to since that period ended. Now I find myself jumping at any opportunity to make an alternative flyer for an event, regardless of how illogical and/or impractical and/or unnecessary it may be. This is one of those times.

This will probably be my first convention of 2013 and since it's not until April, I don't have any other info besides I'm in. I'll put up the map and table number as soon as I get it.

If all goes as planned between me and Nakama Toys, 2013 is looking to be The Year of The Convention. Every few weeks or so, Bryan and I will go over what cons we'll be doing, when and where they're at, which ones we'll both be at and which one's we'll be doing solo with the other person providing support, etc. Then we take turns standing on the edge of my balcony while the other person stands behind them and sings "Jumper".

Alas, these are the lives we choose. Anyway. Yeah. I'll be at C2E2 again this year.

2. I made these things.

The idea was to take some of my favorite horror films and break them down into a color, a symbol, and a single ominous quote from the film. No particular rhyme or reason, the idea just popped into my head.

After I made these, I put them up on The Simon Corporation Facebook Page and said that the first person to correctly guess all twelve films these were from would win the entire print set. Reader Ian quickly proved how awesome he his by knocking the challenge out in about ten minutes.

Congrats Ian. These should be on your doorstep in a few days.

For the record, the films are (in order): Session 9, Antichrist, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Evil Dead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Strangers, The Ring, High Tension, Friday the 13th, Jacob's Ladder, Hellraiser, and Halloween. Along with prints, I'm thinking about making these into iPhone and desktop wallpapers. If that's something people would be interested in.

3. Wayward #5 is at the printer.

I should be getting a proof copy sometime after the holidays. This took a little longer than usual because I was toying with the idea of switching to a new printer for my books. I did some research but ultimately decided to stick with my current printer for now primarily because I get really lazy in the winter.

I never said it was a good excuse, but it is an excuse none the less. If the proof turns out okay, I'll be making the usual stock order for the upcoming conventions. After that, I'll start putting together the collected trade paperback version and getting that ready for the printer and whatnot. Once the trade is officially done and printed and stock is in my hand, Wayward will officially be complete for me.

4. IT LOOKS BACK #1 is done and ready for the printer.

I haven't shipped this one to the printer quite yet. Christmas and getting Wayward #5 printed and bleeding from my eyes and school has pretty much taken up all of my time, mental capacity, and resources. I plan to ship this one out sometime next week after I get done with Christmas.

My goal is to have Wayward #5, IT LOOKS BACK #1, and the Wayward TB done and ready in time for C2E2. I still have several months, so I think that's a fair goal.


Agony Revisited [Ongoing]

I've gone through this process before, and keeping a solid log of the events has helped with my own personal records, so I'm doing it again.

I sold out of Wayward #4 at Wacky Wizard Comic Show, and New York Comic Con is only about two months away, so I need to restock everything. I also figured this would be a good opportunity to update some of the info on the title pages of all four books (since Wayward #1 came out, I've switched websites, email, etc.) So I submitted updated files for all the books - making this upcoming run the official second printing - and put in a bulk order for stock.

Like before, this post will be updated as it develops.

-MONDAY, 8/27/2012 10AM: Placed an order for New York Comic Con and Simon Store stock. I was given a guaranteed ship date of MONDAY 9/24/2012 - about two weeks before I leave for New York. Received an automated "We got your order!" email.

-MONDAY, 9/10/2012 11AM: Emailed the printer asking them when my invoice would be available and reminded them that I need these books before the show.

-MONDAY 9/10/2012 12PM: Received an email saying I should expect the invoice today. PREDICTION: I won't get the invoice today.

-THURSDAY 9/13/2012 9:30 AM: Got the invoice. Paid it. Got the auto-confirmation receipt.

-MONDAY 9/24/2012 1PM: Today was the "Guaranteed Ship" date, but I haven't received a Shipping Notification. Sent them an email asking if the books were going to ship today.

-MONDAY 9/24/2012 3PM: Got an email saying the books should ship this afternoon and I should get my confirmation email afterward.

-MONDAY 9/24/2012 3:30 PM: Holy crap I got my tracking info.

-WEDNESDAY 9/26/2012 1PM: Came into the office after class and the books were waiting for me at my desk.



Wayward #5 is done.

Which also means that Wayward in it's entirety is done.

I can still remember when I first started this series; illuminated by firelight, the rhythmic scratching of my stick on the cave wall, the smoky smell of mastodon cooking over a spit. It was a simpler time.

But now it's done. Granted, I still have to get through the whole printing process and I'll have to put together a collected trade paperback version of it in the near future, but it's done enough for me. The art and the story is at an end. Pre-flight and trade design don't fit into my definition of "done".

So what comes next? Aside from getting #5 printed and eventually putting out a collected edition, I've got a new book in the works. The script for the first issue is written and laid out and I've already got the first few pages of art completed. I'm not quite ready to say much more about it yet. I'm still putting together a formal announcement post, so look for that in the near future. What I will say is that I'm really excited to be working on something that's completely new.

Unfortunately, Wayward #5 will not be ready in time for New York Comic Con. I'm currently working with the printer to get stock on Wayward #1-4 and I'm (needlessly) worrying about that coming in on time. There simply isn't enough time to send them the files for #5, get the proof, approve it, and order and receive the stock before the show.

I'll post more as it develops. Until then, see you in NY.

Wayward #4 will be at C2E2

Couldn't think of a clever title. Figured I'd just lay it all out there.

Even though I finished my end of it a few months ago, I never really feel like a project is officially complete until I have the final physical copies on hand. So when I got the crate with my copies of Wayward #4 in the mail yesterday, I was finally able to cross that book off my mental to-do list.

By the way, the crate they came in was ridiculously large. If I had to give out a rough estimate, I'd say it was about as long as a car and taller than me. Which is weird, considering I only ordered 20 copies. On a completely unrelated note, if anyone out there is mailing packages anytime soon, come by my place, I have a ton of packing peanuts now.

So now you're probably wondering how you can get your bizarre six-fingered hands on the latest issue of my little terror book. Well, Wayward #4 will be at for C2E2, along with the rest of my prints, and (to a lesser extent) me in my wretched pulsating physical form. I like to give con-goers first dibs at my stuff, so Wayward #4 won't be in the online store until after the convention, which is only a month away! Holy shit I have so much work to do.

Okay, so say your going to C2E2 and you want a copy of Wayward #4 (and everything else I'll have available); where do you find me? It just so happens I got an email from the convention the other day with that info as well. I'll be at artist alley table #H14. Where's that table, and what's going to be going on there, you ask? Well let's, as always, turn to The Simon Corporation's amazing (and forbidden) Zoom and Enhance INTO THE FUTURE!!! technology to find out.

Okay, here's the layout map for Artist Alley, in case that wasn't obvious. Sorry guys, I don't have a map for the entire con floor. If you're upset, write your congress person and/or local representative. Once we're all done marveling at the awesomeness of this two-column layout, we'll ZOOM AND ENHANCE on that red area for a closer look:

There's my table! H14! ISN'T THIS EXCITING DAMMIT! Now let's ZOOM AND ENHANCE on the table itself, highlighted in red, to see what awesomeness lies in store at The Simon Corporation table! Exclamation point!

And that's...toast. Okay. Hmmmm, must be a hiccup. Sorry fellas, this isn't an exact science, looking into the future and all. Let me make a few adjustments and see....


See you there!