A Bright and Terrible Tomorrow

Finished another semester of school. It was more involved than before, so I've been pretty busy. Here's some assignment pieces:

ASSIGNMENT: Do an editorial piece. I picked some random @FloridaMan tweets.

ASSIGNMENT: Illustrate a song. I tried to run Lana Del Rey's Kill Kill through the Cannibal Corpse filter.

 ASSIGNMENT: Research and illustrate a food. I picked ghost peppers.

I also did some comic work for the class, but I can't show that off yet because reasons.

So that was this semester. It's over now, so I've got about a month to work on my shit uninterrupted until it starts back up next semester. Enough about that. Here's some news:

I will be at C2E2 2015

YEAR FOUR BABY! Here's a poster:

I just got the email yesterday. I've probably said it before, but I cannot stress how much I love C2E2. Every year somehow manages to top the last. For this show I suspect I'll be driven into a savage murderous frenzy, tearing limbs indiscriminately from the torsos of passersby, eyes bloody and glazed, mouth frothing with pure unfiltered joy...

This show makes me happy, and I go on psychotic murder fits when I get too happy is what I'm trying to say here. I won't get the map or my table number for a while, but I'll post it when I get it.

Progress Report

Nowhere #1 has been done for a while, it just hasn't debuted at a show yet because of unfortunate printer timing. But it will be at my next appearance (DanCon 2015). I've only got a few more pages left to draw for Nowhere #2. (I should be done with it already but blah blah school excuses blah blah). I hate absolutes, but I'm pretty sure it'll be done by then as well. So that's something, yeah? Next time I wander out into public I'll have at least two new books available. I may have a third, not-Nowhere book as well, but I can't talk about that yet.

Danger happened

Remember that poster I did for the Nakama Toys / Kaiju Big Battel show a while back? Well, they filmed that show and, using forbidden arcane technology, put it on a DVD! And what's on the cover of that DVD? My poster art!

Photo by Nakama Toys.

I remember when I was a kid and adults would ask what I wanted to do with my life. I'd always respond, "I want to do the cover art for a Kaiju Big Battel DVD." and the adults would freak out and call me a vessel of Satan because it was the '80's and neither Kaiju Big Battel nor DVDs had been invented yet. So I can cross off one more thing from my childhood dream list:

beat Ninja Gaiden for the NES
do a KBB DVD cover
touch a boobie
become Egon from Ghostbusters

You can get the poster here. 

You can get the DVD here.

I think that's everything for now.

The things you can do when you negate sleep.

It's 5AM. Here's what I've done this weekend.

Painted, uploaded, tweaked, and reuploaded The Engineer.

Downloaded textbooks for this semester to my iPad.

Read the assigned chapters.

Made the final tweaks to Wayward #4, prepped and sent to the printer (it's done, by the way).

Made the cover for the fifth and final issue of Wayward. Here it is:

Once again, props to Devo for the initial photography that I've used for these covers. The covers took on something of a side story of their own, where a researcher/investigator of some sort goes back and documents some of the strange activity in the prison school a decade or so after the events depicted in the comic. I'm terrible at making up names, so thanks to William "Brodie" Netherton for the use of his name for the researcher.

I've ordered one proof copy from the printer. I'm not sure when I should receive it, but when I do I'll go over it, make sure everything looks right in print, tweak anything that needs it, and then make the official bulk order. I'll post updates as I receive them.

At this rate, it's looking like it should be available in time for C2E2, but I'm still not comfortable making promises just yet.


A failed attempt at the healing process.

This is not related to this post in any way.

Here's my schedule:

-Tomorrow through Thursday: FINALS
-Friday through Sunday: Indiana
-Next Friday through Sunday: ACen. 

I'm in scramble mode right now with con prep and studying. I'm not enjoying things right now. 

Finals involve a test, a research paper, a presentation, and memorizing 55 different paintings in terms of title, artist, style, and date.

Indiana's fine, but it does involve I-65.

This. For five hours. One-way.

And then ACen. It's two weeks away, but I'm scrambling to get all the promotional material and merchandise ready, while studying.  That probably explains why this post isn't all that entertaining. But I've wanted to make it a point to post more often, even if those posts aren't full of ground-breaking information. This is one of those posts. We can all sleep soundly tonight now. 

I'm busy and everything is happening all at once and I'm stressed and I thought this might be therapeutic and it really isn't.

Ha ha ha. Yuk yuk yuk.

More terror for you to consume.

After much, much delay, Wayward #3 is now available in the online store. The plan was to have this up right after Wizard World, but distractions happened. Props to reader Ken for reminding me that it wasn't online yet. 

 I haven't forgotten about the Letterbombs - those of you on my list - I've just been busy as hell with school. As soon as I knock out all my homework projects, I have to go back and get more assigned to me. Damn teachers and their insistence that I show up to class and complete all their projects in a timely manner. I've also been distracted with a new commission piece and unfortunately stuff that keeps me from failing college and the stuff that actually puts some money in my pocket takes priority over sending stuff out for free out of the goodness of my cold, black heart. 

I will get everything sent out, I promise. Anyways, you're getting free stuff, so you can't really complain. So...yeah.

I need to start looking at other conventions to attend, but with everything else, it's a matter of finding the time to actually sit down and do the research. I'm definitely shooting for Wizard World Chicago, C2E2, and Acen on a yearly basis, as they're local;  but none of those are happening for a while and I'd like to find something coming up soon, if there are any. 

This is where I'd try to wind things down to avoid ending the post abruptly, but