C2E2: Hangovers and Murder

Regarding C2E2 2014, I made one simple promise. Murder:

Long story short: We delivered. Here's a recap:

Fellow art humans Kyle, Donovan, Lee, Ashley, and Chelsea drove down from Des Moines to crash at my apartment and partake in their own C2E2 debauchery. Backed by my army of feral Iowans, we set out to DESTROY and drink and DESTROY.

And destroy we did. This has been, by far, the best show The Simon Corporation has ever had. Despite the soreness and hangover, I'm on cloud nine. My work has never been so well received. "Hooray!" the con-goers would cheer as my comically over sized battle axe crashed into their skulls, doing horrific irreparable damage, "We're having so much fun!". The murder festivities were capped off when Kyle, Jon Lennon, Menton, and I went outside to celebrate and murder each other.

Last known photo.
In all seriousness, this show was amazing. So much so that my formerly impenetrable shell of infinite self-loathing has started to crack and I'm still trying to figure out how to process this sense of ... satisfaction? I think that's what it's called. Whatever it is, it involves boners.

I'm still legitimately shocked by how well received my work was at the show. More than several times, people came up and picked up every single one of my books in one go. Saturday, a guy bought all five issues of Wayward. Sunday, he came back with his friends, told me he read the entire thing last night, and then bought all of IT LOOKS BACK. It kinda floored me. Thank you.

The IT LOOKS BACK cover posters also did surprisingly well. Credit where it's due: That was all Nicole's idea. I honestly didn't think that people would be interested, but I decided to do an experimental run just to test the waters and then I sold out of a few.

This isn't the first time Nicole has suggested an idea that I didn't think would work only for me to try it out and be completely wrong. I should probably just always listen to her for now on.

Again, this show was absolutely amazing and it's all due to a bunch of people I need to give props to right now. Nicole (obviously). The Iowa crew: Kyle, Donovan, Lee, Ashley, and Chelsea...

(By the way; if you haven't already contributed to Kyle's Kickstarter, then you're an asshole and I hate you. To correct this, GO HERE:

The CheeseLord crew: Jon, Leo, and Angel...

(You need to check out Angel's book, The Thing That Came From Space Or Something now. You can follow Angel on Tumblr here:

And of course the Nakama Toys crew: Bry, Mary, Devo, Morgan, JR, and Trish.

This show is going to be hard to top. Better start drinking now.

Next up, SpringCon in Minnesota.


[more photos and links coming soon]


I'm in a weird state of mind right now. Something like an uneasy calm. The last few months have occupied my mind with school, C2E2 prep, and IT LOOKS BACK #2. Now all three are over or almost completed (and around the same time), and I'm not sure what to do with myself. It's a weird feeling. Whatever, here's some stuff:


Here's some cool people from C2E2 that I want to pimp out in no particular order:

-I spoke of Jon Michael Lennon in my last post, but in case you didn't read it, here's his link again. Go. Now.

-I sat next to Kyle Anthony all weekend, making him my single-serving friend of the show. Super awesome guy. I've spoke before about how - while my crew are all awesome - none of them share my compulsion to make images and letters, so it's always cool when I have a chance to talk shop with someone else who actually...shops? Kyle was that guy. Also, if you find yourself in the Iowa area sometime in June, you should check him out at the Des Moines Arts Festival.

-If you've gone to any conventions in the past few years, there's a good chance you've seen Z.M. Thomas' work. Just to name a few: Bible 2, Contagion, Abe the Aborted Fetus, Echos of Dawn...dudes kinda prolific. I've seen him at his table at pretty much every convention I've done and I've wanted to stop by, but I'm always stuck at my own table. I finally got to talk to him at C2E2 and he's pretty awesome. Check him out if you haven't already.

-Angel Onofre's table was positioned across from mine, so I spent the weekend fixated on one of his prints. It was (to describe it in a way that doesn't do it justice) Mega Man X and Zero ran through the Jon Kricfalusi filter. Dude's got a ridiculously fun, unique style to his work. Observe.


Anime Central is next weekend, and I'll there be helping Bryan and Mary at the Nakama Toys booth. I've helped at Nakama booths before at Louisville Arcade Expo and G-Fest, but I suspect this will be quite different. To prepare, I've been watching the Battle of Helm's Deep scene from LOTR over and over in a loop.

This, but with more cat ears.

For more information, hop on over to the Nakama Toys site.


Fourth year in a row. It's in Chicago, I'm in Chicago. Might as well, yeah? Here's a poster:

My goal has always been to debut something new at every convention. For Wizard, it'll probably be...


The artwork and lettering is done. The next step is for Nicole to proofread it. Then I'll edit it, and get it off to the printer. I don't consider a book officially done until the physical copy is in my hand, so for now I'm considering it "all but done".

I think that's about it. I have a bunch of mini-projects to get into - errands is probably a better term - but they're all kinda vague right now, so I don't want to get into that yet.

something something. I'm out.

C2E2: Jon Michael Lennon is an Internet Dracula

C2E2 is over and I'm almost recovered. I've got a lot of shit to process. Things I've learned, people to contact, schemes, projects, and whatnot. I'm going to write up a follow-up post shortly pimping out all the awesome people I've met once I get all my contacts in order, but for now I just want to knock out a few quick-fire tidbits and share a tale of unspeakable terrifying power.

This is Jon Michael Lennon:

I stole this photo from his Facebook. I have a print-out of it over my bed.

I met him back at Wizard World 2012. He is the mastermind behind Cheeselord Comics and overall awesome guy. He showed up at my table on Friday and I could tell he was coming because the entire aisle of artists greeted him. One thing you should know about Jon is he knows everyone. He is the linchpin that connects ALL OF MANKIND.

So he shows up at my table and we end up doing a book trade. I gave him a copy of IT LOOKS BACK #1 in exchange for the latest issue of his book, Product of Society. He eventually leaves and Nicole and I go about our con business, a little happier that we were able to catch up with him.

Sometime the next morning, he posts this on his Facebook:

Nicole shows me because I'm terrible at doing social media during cons and I feel a brief flash of what you humans call happiness. After all, it's nice to hear that someone likes something you created. More so when they decide to recommend it to others. It makes me almost feel like a real artist. Plus it's free advertising, so...yeah. I appreciated the gesture and continued on with my con-doing.

Probably about two hours later, a random guy approaches my table, picks up a copy of ILB, hands me some cash and says (and I'm paraphrasing here) "Jon Michael Lennon said on Facebook to buy this. Here is my money."

This kind of floored me and - after careful analysis and consideration - I have come to the only possible conclusion:

Jon Michael Lennon is some kind of Internet Dracula.

He posted a command on the internet. A person received it and obliged without question. He didn't ask me about the book and barely flipped through the preview copy. Free will was not a equation in this transaction.

Jon commands and we obey without question. The president doesn't have this kind of power. I still don't know if he should be worshiped or destroyed.


-Apparently I REALLY need to make Simon Corporation t-shirts. I've gotten this request a few times at previous cons, but I wasn't really sure it was worth pursuing. Based on the requests I got at this show, I suspect I'll be hunted down and beaten to death by an angry mob if I don't have something available at my next appearance.

-People dig the cover for IT LOOKS BACK #1, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. There were several requests for a poster version. I'm considering it.

-Kyle Anthony says I should get into traditional painting. So I'm going to. Because he said so.

-We're currently sold out of Wayward #1 and IT LOOKS BACK #1, which I think means I'm doing something right.

-Speaking of running out of things, all 250 business cards I had made for the show were gone by the end of the weekend. So if you're new here. Hi, I'm jsb. I write and draw comics when I should be sleeping. I'd like to one day do this for a living. I have no idea what I'm doing. I live in Chicago with my wife Nicole who is awesome. She keeps me out of jail. There is absolutely nothing else worth noting about me.

-I have a lot of contacts to make a props to send out, but that'll have to wait for another post.

Magic Chicago Wizard Show: The Linkenning

This will be in every post forever.
First off, let me say this: I love my crew. They're awesome. Nicole, JR, Bry, Mary, Devo, Minh, Ted Danson, etc. are the coolest people ever. We all have interests that keep us all unique but joined in various ways; vinyl toys, Power Rangers, video games, literature, coke-fueled rampages...the list goes on. But while they all have a genuine interest in - and are beyond supportive of my efforts, I am the only one in our group that has made the decision to spend my nights and early mornings drawing and painting my various stupid horrors.

That's why one of my favorite aspects of comic conventions is hanging out with writers and illustrators who have made the same terrible life decisions I have. My crew understand what I do, but these guys - with their own tables and their own books and prints and goals - truly get it. Here's a little bit of insider trivia: every night of a convention, after the show has closed down, all the independent artists all gather in a small room. There, we embrace each other as we sob hysterically.

"They don't care about my book. They just want me to draw Deadpool over and over!"

Here are some of the awesome guys I got to hang out with:

Jon Michael Lennon from Cheese Lord Comics: I picked up a copy of his book Product of Society, a collection of shorts by different artists and writers. I really dig the variety and experimentation. I never thought about collected-shorts-style comics before, but now it's something I'm extremely interested in.

John Hoban makes a book called Apocalypse City. When I read the first issue, I initially thought it was going to follow the exploits of a single primary protagonist, but about halfway though, the scope pulls back and I realized the story was much more complex, following a number of characters and factions throughout the titular City. I'm curious to see where issue #2 goes when it comes out.

This was RavenJ's first year behind a table with his book Cell Phones and Cigarettes. It's a collection of shorts like Product of Society, but they're all produced by RavenJ.

I hope you enjoyed your first con RavenJ. It's hell, but it's our hell dammit.

So yeah, check these guys out online and keep an eye out for them at the next show. In the meantime, I'll probably be harassing them on Facebook. Sexually.

The things you can do when you negate sleep.

It's 5AM. Here's what I've done this weekend.

Painted, uploaded, tweaked, and reuploaded The Engineer.

Downloaded textbooks for this semester to my iPad.

Read the assigned chapters.

Made the final tweaks to Wayward #4, prepped and sent to the printer (it's done, by the way).

Made the cover for the fifth and final issue of Wayward. Here it is:

Once again, props to Devo for the initial photography that I've used for these covers. The covers took on something of a side story of their own, where a researcher/investigator of some sort goes back and documents some of the strange activity in the prison school a decade or so after the events depicted in the comic. I'm terrible at making up names, so thanks to William "Brodie" Netherton for the use of his name for the researcher.

I've ordered one proof copy from the printer. I'm not sure when I should receive it, but when I do I'll go over it, make sure everything looks right in print, tweak anything that needs it, and then make the official bulk order. I'll post updates as I receive them.

At this rate, it's looking like it should be available in time for C2E2, but I'm still not comfortable making promises just yet.