Hallucinations May Occur

Classes have started back up and this semester's schedule is having a weird effect on my sleep habits. Even before this semester, my sleep schedule could be best described as "hazardous", but now it's been elevated to the previously-unknown "bizarro" status. It's okay. I only have to put up with it for ... the rest of the year.

Enough of that nonsense though, here's some updates.

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IT LOOKS BACK #3 is about half completed. I've been able to work on it pretty consistently recently, of course I fully expect that to end soon because of the aforementioned higher-learning nonsense. I'm also trying to get IT LOOKS BACK #1 into Comixology. I've submitted it and it has been tentatively accepted, meaning the book has been approved, but I have to correct an issue with the file first. Once it's corrected and the book is in, I'll begin submitting the rest of my stuff.

I've slowly been putting together a collected version of Wayward. Part of this is another round of printer research. Since this is a collected trade, it's a different binding than I'm used to working with. I've met a couple great printer guys at conventions, but they're always a buy-in-bulk and save setup. (i.e. if you pay $2,000 it's only a few bucks a book) By the numbers, they're great deals, but I don't have a couple grand to throw into printing, and that's not even considering where the hell I'm going to store a couple thousand trades in my apartment. As awesome as that would be, I'm still very much a small-run guy.

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Speaking of Wayward, The Simon Corporation just had it's very first book review. I've been following Tales of Unspeakable Taste for a while now because he reviews indie comics and I don't see a lot of other people doing that. I've seen a lot of my con mates' books show up there and I've been anticipating/dreading the time my stuff would - if ever - show up there. Anticipating because, holy shit a review would be awesome and dreading because Unspeakable Taste is the definition of unbiased. You can check out the review here.

I've been contemplating doing a webcomic; much in the way a shoeless man peers over the edge of the ledge he's scaled, looks down at the gathering crowd of gawkers and emergency personnel and contemplates every decision he's ever made. It's a format that I've always been interested in working in, and I have a story that I feel works best in that format, but I'm not nearly as enthusiastic about the responsibility. It's an idea I'm still exploring, but I haven't reached a decision yet.

And finally, I'm trying to put together my 2014 convention schedule. I'm taking the rest of this year off, but I want to do as many shows in 2014 as logistically possible. Nothing's set in stone yet, but I'll be posting show updates as they are confirmed.

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