Quick painting.

I'm starting to discover that one problem I have with my illustrations is the lack of a distinct style. Wayward looks nothing like the Chubs which look nothing like Rock Girl. I think this is because of my process. I think of a project and experiment with whatever medium and style I feel is best suited for it, as opposed to coming up with projects that fit within the visual style of my "signature look".

I think both approaches have their obvious pros and cons. I feel I can make - say, a very R-rated horror comic and a children's book and keep them completely visually independent of each other, but I fear I'm never going to perfect either look. Then I see other artist who only really do one style, but they do that one style really, really well due to years of practice and refinement. It's a "jack of all trades - master of none" issue that I'm still struggling with.

Because I don't have a concrete style, I'm constantly having to experiment and practice when I'm trying to come up with a new look or method. I've been lightly dabbling in digital painting for a while now - Rock Girl is a recent example - but I don't feel I'm effective enough quite yet. And with a possible live painting happening in the near future, I decided to upgrade my digital painting efforts from "dabbling" to something of a higher level of experimenting and consideration. So, in between bouts of Wayward inking, I'm starting 10-minute exercises where I open a new canvas in Photoshop and do whatever for ten minutes. I'm allowing myself no premeditation and no visual references for the time being because along with improving my physical ability to paint, I also want to get a better understanding of what I am capable of, and more importantly, what I'm not capable of yet.

Here's the first night's result.