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C2E2 is only 2 weeks away. You should be there. I hear it's gonna be a good time. I'm personally looking forward to staring lovingly at Angel for 3 days straight. The poor bastard's seated directly across from me.

 And it's not just Me and Angel - just about everyone's gonna be there. Jon and Leo, The Sun Bros., Ali, Nakama Toys, I'm even shipping in a batch of feral Iowans - Kyle, Donovan, and Lee - to join in the veritable blood-orgy. So where are we all at? Here's a handy guide:

I will be at table L15. It's the booth where all the screaming and rats will be coming from.
Angel is pretty much directly across from me at table K16, or just follow my unblinking gaze.
Ali and Sun Bros. are only a few tables across from each other, at tables K4 and K1 respectively.
Jon, Leo, and the Iowa Crew are right next to each other, so I fully expect their area to be a smouldering crater by the end of the weekend. Jon and Leo are at D14 and Kyle, Don, and Lee will be at D15. While you're there, Leo's debuting a new book at C2E2: The Legend of El Toro Dorado. I've been excited for this book ever since he told me about it. It features art by him, Jon, and Angel.
Nakama Toys isn't on the map below, but they're in booth 283. Bry, Nicole, and Devo will be running the booth. When you swing by there, tell Nicole that Jamie needs a smoke break. Here's a map:

If you weren't at DanCon, this will be your first chance to pick up the first two issues of my newest book Nowhere, so be sure to scoop those up. I'm also working on a few other goodies that I hope to have ready in time for the show, but that's for another post.

See you in two weeks!

A Bright and Terrible Tomorrow

Finished another semester of school. It was more involved than before, so I've been pretty busy. Here's some assignment pieces:

ASSIGNMENT: Do an editorial piece. I picked some random @FloridaMan tweets.

ASSIGNMENT: Illustrate a song. I tried to run Lana Del Rey's Kill Kill through the Cannibal Corpse filter.

 ASSIGNMENT: Research and illustrate a food. I picked ghost peppers.

I also did some comic work for the class, but I can't show that off yet because reasons.

So that was this semester. It's over now, so I've got about a month to work on my shit uninterrupted until it starts back up next semester. Enough about that. Here's some news:

I will be at C2E2 2015

YEAR FOUR BABY! Here's a poster:

I just got the email yesterday. I've probably said it before, but I cannot stress how much I love C2E2. Every year somehow manages to top the last. For this show I suspect I'll be driven into a savage murderous frenzy, tearing limbs indiscriminately from the torsos of passersby, eyes bloody and glazed, mouth frothing with pure unfiltered joy...

This show makes me happy, and I go on psychotic murder fits when I get too happy is what I'm trying to say here. I won't get the map or my table number for a while, but I'll post it when I get it.

Progress Report

Nowhere #1 has been done for a while, it just hasn't debuted at a show yet because of unfortunate printer timing. But it will be at my next appearance (DanCon 2015). I've only got a few more pages left to draw for Nowhere #2. (I should be done with it already but blah blah school excuses blah blah). I hate absolutes, but I'm pretty sure it'll be done by then as well. So that's something, yeah? Next time I wander out into public I'll have at least two new books available. I may have a third, not-Nowhere book as well, but I can't talk about that yet.

Danger happened

Remember that poster I did for the Nakama Toys / Kaiju Big Battel show a while back? Well, they filmed that show and, using forbidden arcane technology, put it on a DVD! And what's on the cover of that DVD? My poster art!

Photo by Nakama Toys.

I remember when I was a kid and adults would ask what I wanted to do with my life. I'd always respond, "I want to do the cover art for a Kaiju Big Battel DVD." and the adults would freak out and call me a vessel of Satan because it was the '80's and neither Kaiju Big Battel nor DVDs had been invented yet. So I can cross off one more thing from my childhood dream list:

beat Ninja Gaiden for the NES
do a KBB DVD cover
touch a boobie
become Egon from Ghostbusters

You can get the poster here. 

You can get the DVD here.

I think that's everything for now.


Couldn't think of a proper title for this post so I just smacked the keys indiscriminately for a second. That should suffice.

Here's a picture of Rod Sterling what I made one night:

This started off as me just messing around and then it became a thing. I'm debating whether or not to make it available as a print. Moving on...

Nowhere #1 is drawn, lettered, proofread, and sent off to the printer.

um...that's about it actually. I probably shouldn't have put all the details in the headline. As usual, I just ordered a single proof copy to make sure everything looks right in print. Wizard World Chicago is only a month away, which doesn't give me enough time to get the proof, review it, and order stock in time for the show. So Nowhere #1 won't be available at that show.

Nakama Toys is fully armed and operational.

and that was clever 'cause it was a Star Wars reference. After a long day of building furniture, putting up shelves, and bringing in stock, Bryan and Mary's little palace of pleasure and pain had a massively successful grand opening. I never want to install another set of shelves ever again.

I think that's everything. I don't have a clever outro so I'm just going to mash the keyboard again. That was fun. ;lkajsdf;oiasd;lknas;ldhfwe'as;d



As I was unlocking my bike to head to work today, I noticed it had become a makeshift spider-town seemingly overnight. This is an absolute in my life; any mode of transportation I exclusively own, be it car, truck, van, or fucking bicycle, will inevitably be occupied by spiders.

I have come to the obvious conclusion that I am the Spider King. I didn't ask for this.

IT LOOKS BACK #4 is now on Comixology

CLICK HERE TO BE MAGICALLY TRANSPORTED ACROSS THE INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY AT THE SPEED OF YOUR LOCAL INTERNET PROVIDER and check it out. Be sure to rate, share, and whatnot because us indie comics guys need as much free marketing as possible.

If you are allergic to digibytes or are otherwise opposed to digital comics, you can get a print copy at Wizard World Chicago. I still don't have a table number yet, but I'll post it when it's available.

Nakama Toys is opening a store very soon

which will ultimately be destroyed by massive amounts of party during the grand opening. Here's a flyer:

Get your digital ass to for details. If you HAVE to get your hands on Nakama's wares and ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT until the 19th, you can hit them up at G-Fest this weekend, 'cause doing conventions while simultaneously building a store is just how they roll.

Nowhere #1 is almost done

And I'm pretty sure I just jinxed myself by writing that, but whatever. I've only got a few pages left to draw, then I gotta knock out the lettering, proof it, and get it to the printer. PROGRESS Y'ALL.


Rumors of My Demise Have Been Very Fucking Accurate

One of the weird balances I'm constantly fighting to maintain falls between doing shit and writing about the shit I'm doing. Often I find myself without time to write about the shit I'm doing because I've been busy doing so much shit. The point I'm trying to make here is: shit.

Nakama Toys successfully brought Kaiju Big Battel to Chicago and now we're dead. I'm not part of Nakama Toys in any official capacity; I'm more of a third-party, a friend of the crew. My job description mostly involves asking Bryan, "What do you need me to do?" and then doing that. That may involve taking tickets and sweeping up, it may involve designing the poster for the event, or it may involve partying as hard as one can while wearing a giant squid monster costume that affords zero visibility. What I'm trying to say is it was an honor to be involved.

Here's a photo (credit: Trish Feldkamp). If you want to see more, our homegirl and secret assassin J-Net Castro has been uploading videos of the show to the Nakama Toys Facebook page. Check 'em out.

Oh yeah, when he's not running Nakama Toys, Bryan moonlights as a giant monster referee.

In non-Kaiju-related Nakama news, the Nakama Toys crew have officially found a physical storefront location and are currently prepping for the grand opening. I'm helping with some basic construction, (flooring, painting, etc.), designing the signage, and drinking hard liquor. The goal is to be fully operational by mid-July-ish and then you can bring your (actual) ass to an (actual) store and get (figuratively) punched in your (actual) face by a (figurative) fist of pure awesome. And then you can buy some toys.


SpringCon was great. I'm normally used to doing much larger shows, so to be able to do something a bit more intimate and chill was a nice change of pace. Plus they gave us free food and I got to spend two 6-hour drives bullshitting with Jon Lennon about indie comics.

My next show is Wizard World Chicago in August, which just happens to be my birthday. Here's a poster:

Truth be told, I was unsure about doing Wizard again this year. Last year's show wasn't exactly run well and all the artists suffered for it. Since then, every time I've met up with anyone from the indie comic crew there's been a lot of, "Soooo are we really gonna do this again?" We've all decided to give it another shot and hope some changes have taken place on the convention's end. This year, I'll be sharing a table with my boy Angel Onofre; so on top of coming by and checking out our collective works, you can also watch in silent horror as Angel and I - over the course of the weekend - slowly merge into a single, terrible life form.

I'll let you decide who's who in this analogy.

I should have a few other shows coming up as well, but nothing's official. Stay tuned.

IT LOOKS BACK is done. The first print run of the final issue is in the mail and now I'm working on a new book. The script is done and I've got a couple of pages drawn, but I'm not ready to make an official announcement yet. I don't know why, but I don't like to announce books until I have at least several pages and a cover complete, and I still haven't figured out the cover yet. Once that's done, I'll make a more formal post.

I'm trying something a little different visually in this book. While Wayward and IT LOOKS BACK was a lot of black on rust textures, I'm trying to do something a bit cleaner for this new book. It's still horror, but just a more colorful horror. But that's all I can say for now. Here's some pages: