Time to burn. Uninspired

Sitting at a baggage claim somewhere in the horrid clusterfuck that is Ohare, waiting for BryBry and wishing that airports didn't exist.
I've been trying to sketch more recently (and I should be doing that now) and I'm not quite thrilled with the fruits that mistake's bore, but I'm working through my own frustrations, hoping these efforts won't be for naught.
The reason for this is I want to get some sort I'd established progress start on another book I've been cooking up. It's a very non-Wayward story with a very non-Wayward visual style. Therin lies the problem. I'm so used to drawing a certain style that anything else is odd and difficult to me. I'm having trouble doing some of the most basic shit. It's like relearning how to walk.
Of course, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. It is hard, but if I can figure it out then I'll be better as an illustrator.
Or some lame inspirational shit like that.
Gotta go. Bry just landed.

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Im locked in a trunk.

Posting from my phone, so no time for the usual banter. Nicole graduated from college today, so you all should contact her via your preferred mediums and send her some much deserved props. Or don't. See if I care, dick. She now has a bachelor in Criminal Justice, with a minor in Kicking Ass and Taking Names. I, on the other hand, remain a futureless loser that plays video games and draws too much.