The title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with the content of this post. Nothing. I was trying to think of a clever title and the word "ectoplasm" randomly popped in my head out of nowhere. So that's that. Moving on...

First off, this thing:

In case you didn't already know, Kaiju Big Battel is one of the greatest things ever. Pro wrestling + giant monsters. They're based out of New York and the Nakama Toys crew have been working with them to bring their show to Chicago. That'll be in June. Let me restate that last bit for emphasis:

Nakama Toys is bringing giant monster pro wrestling to Chicago. 

To celebrate, they're throwing a launch party this Wednesday, March 12th at The Squared Circle, a wrestling-centered restaurant owned by WWE-and-TNA-alumn Lisa Marie Varon. They'll be selling tickets to the show, giving away prizes and Kaiju Big Battel merch, and possibly getting destroyed by giant monsters. They also commissioned me to do a poster for the show, which you'll be able to check out at the party. I'm not going to be posting it here for a while, so if you're in Chicago and you just HAVE to see a thing I drew, get your ass down there. Click on the minefield of links back there for more info.

This next bit doesn't concern giant pro wrestling monsters, so it's completely unimportant to me; but I recently did a brief interview with CNBC about Comixology and digital comics as an indie creator. You can read it here. BE WARNED though, it doesn't concern giant monsters.

Speaking of Comixology, I'll just go ahead and shamelessly remind you all that IT LOOKS BACK #1 and #2 are both available here. #3 has recently been approved as well, but it's not available yet. Of course I'll let you know when it goes up.


Wizard World Chicago: The Linkening

Photo by Minh.

While I spent most of my convention time behind the table (or in the stall of the men's room, screaming unintelligibly) a few awesome blokes stopped by my booth, checked out my work, showed me theirs, burst into flames, or shared information. Here's a few of them.

Adam Hicks: Actually an old friend of Nicole's who we've seen at several cons, including this one. He's all kinds of cool.

Justin Currie: He had a booth across from me, so I spent most of the con staring at his work. It was impressive on it's own, but when my crew talked to him and discovered it was all done in Illustrator - a program that I don't really get along with - my mind was blown.

The Descent of the Dead crew: Brodie brought these guys over. They were cool as hell; we swapped books, discussed printing and beer.  

Brian Kirst aka The Big Gay Horror Fan: A blogger that came by and checked out my stuff. As his name implies, he's a horror fan, so I hope he enjoys the book. Maybe we'll see a review on his site sometime.

The Modern Day Pirates: Amanda Hyphenated over at the MDP crew did a quick video interview with me. I've never been interviewed about my stuff before so I was probably a stuttering idiot. Because of that, I don't know if the interview will ever see the light of day. Either way, their site is awesome and Amanda was a lovely gal.

So yeah, hit all these links, check these guys out, and tell 'em Jayesbee says hi. I'm pretty sure there's some other people I need to link up here, but I my brain isn't up too full capacity and I'm still digging through all the business cards, postcards, and flyers I got from the con. If I stumble across any more, I'll put them up.

Since I'm going mad with the links, here's a few non-con-related things worth checking out.

Rotofugi has moved to a bigger, awesomer location. If you're in Chicago and love vinyl toys or art, go to their site, get their new address, and get your ass over there.