Not the Moose Post

A while ago, I made a certain post on Facebook and Instagram:

Going forward, let's refer to this as "the Moose Post" for clarity. It's obnoxiously vague and it promises some exciting news in the future. 

That news/announcement is still forthcoming. This is not The Moose Post. But I have a bunch of not-Moose-Post-related things going on, (too many things possibly) so let's get to that. 

I will be back at Indiana Comic Con

Fuck this is an awesome show, and I'm gonna keep going as long as they'll put up with me. I do these shows to get my books out there, meet new readers, and connect with fans and the Indiana Comic Con crowd has some of the most enthusiastic readers I've ever met. I had one reader pick up my books one day, then come back the next day with fan art of my work. That kinda blew my mind. So obviously I'm going back. I'll post more details as the show gets closer. 

The Mini Show.

Sideshow Gallery Chicago is having a show this Friday. Me, Angel, and a whole bunch of my fellow Chicago Goblins will be showing pieces there. Here's the flyer: 

And here's my piece: 

"Gabriel" Digital painting on canvas. 5x5

"Gabriel" Digital painting on canvas. 5x5

If you're in the area, come on down and check it out. I'll be there, probably making an ass out of myself, and a lot of my crew will be to. 

And the rest.

There's a lot more stuff in the works. (Oh my god there's soooooo much stuff in the works what have I done.) Including new comics, art, projects, and that aforementioned Moose Post. But this is all I can talk about right now. More info coming soon. 

Very soon. 

JSB Versus The Great Lake State

Michigan...ites? Michiganers? Michiganians? Um...



So the word "Michigan" has lost all meaning in my head now, but regardless I got a bunch of stuff going down, and it's all going down in Michigan. First off:

I will be at Grand Rapids Comic Con this weekend

This Friday I will be traveling with fellow Chicago comic goblin, band mate, and Overwatch team mate (we're like an obnoxiously cute couple at this point) Angel Onofre to Grand Rapids Comic Con. This is my first time doing GRCC, but I think this show's gonna be a little special for me. Not only is it probably my last convention of 2017, but it's also my first convention since my accident. My arms are still kinda just...wrong, but I'm jonesing to get back behind an artist alley table so I can officially say I'm back to my normal routine. So get your asses to Grand Rapids and treat yourself to a whole mess of spooky horror comics just in time for Halloween.

My art will be featured at the Damned Exhibition

Art galleries. They're like comic conventions, only with less people running around dressed as Deadpool. I made a piece that will be on display at Damned: An Exhibition of Enlightened Darkness in Detroit. It looks like this:

"Burdened" 12x16 digital painting

"Burdened" 12x16 digital painting


Damned runs from October 26 till the 28th. So if you traveled to Michigan for Grand Rapids Comic Con, just plan on sticking around for an extra week.

Non-Michigan-specific news

The final chapter for N'Albany: The Silent Forest is up in the webcomics section. Go check it out along with the other comics I have up there. Then share the links with everyone you know. I've said this many times before, but I love doing these webcomics, so look forward to more of that - including more N'Albany stories - in the future.

Seriously though, keep sharing the links with your friends. That shit's awesome.

New comic - info coming soon

I'm working on a new print comic. It's not Nowhere #7. It's for a new series. I'm not quite ready to give the specifics quite yet, but I will soon. Stay tuned.

I painted a thing

"An Obligation" 9x12 digital painting

"An Obligation" 9x12 digital painting

This is one of those "trying to get an image out of my head" pieces. Just trying to capture a mood. I'm still debating whether or not I want to make prints available of this one. Hit me up if you're interested and I'll look into it.

Get your asses to Michigan. Can't wait to see you there.

Blood Drive

You know, I really thought the rest of the year was going to be pretty chill. After Cincy and Other World, my schedule was clear and I fully planned on spending the rest of the year just making comics and playing a lot of Fallout 4. Turns out that's not the case and there are a few more vile machinations to play out before we close out this year. First off:

Nowhere #3 is now available.


Just got the first batch in from the printer and they're good to go. You can order your own signed copy over at the store. I've also submitted the digital version to ComiXology and it's been approved, but it always takes a while for it to actually go up on their store. I'll let you all know when it becomes available.

If you hate online shopping, are terrified of your mailman, or just HAVE to get the book from me personally, you're in luck because...

I will be showing at Full Bleed 2: A Comic Art Showcase

Officially the last show of the year. I'll be showing a bunch of my work and slinging comics at a gallery show dedicated to sequential art. A whole bunch of my indie comic homies will be there as well, so it will be where the happenin' be happenin'. It's December 5th, at the International School of Comics in Chicago. Or just click this sentence for more info.

And finally ... we're launching a Kickstarter for Scratches

I've been nervous about the idea of launching a crowdfunding campaign for my work before, mainly because I'm a self-loathing bastard, but Leo, Angel, Jon and I thought this would be the best way to help get the word out about the book. The art is wrapping up and the goal of the Kickstarter will be to fund the first print run. We've got a bunch of awesome rewards planned including original pages, extra books, and commissions from the four of us. Basically we want to get people excited for the book while keeping our financial goals humble. We just shot a bunch of footage for the pitch video last weekend. It was bloody.

The video is being put together as I write this and we plan to launch the Kickstarter in the next week or so. I mainly want to let you all know about it in advance because 1) There's a bunch of limited rewards, so you're gonna want to get on that early. And 2) if we can get as many people jumping on this as early as possible, it'll greatly improve the chances of our campaign succeeding.

So yeah, heads up on that. I'll be posting an official launch date once we have it locked down, so keep an eye out for that.

Stay tuned,