fuck the knicks

Louisville Arcade Expo is THIS WEEKEND

As the title of this post says, the second Louisville Arcade Expo is this weekend and Nakama Toys is ready to go. I stopped by Bryan's house the other day and he was all geared up for the show.

Actual photo.
I'll be there as well, helping out at Bryan's table and offering robot-wisdom just like Bishop in Aliens. I'll also be selling my Megagirl/Protogirl Pin-up prints as well, so I guess that would be like when Bishop got ripped in half and started bleeding milk.

This is not radically different from the actual artistic process. 
I've seen Bryan's stock so I can honestly testify if you're the type of person that likes awesome stuff, then the Nakama Toys booth is the place to be. If you don't like awesome stuff well...I dunno, maybe there's an Office Max nearby?

My homeboy Devo will also have a table there with his own art. Check him out and throw whatever remaining money you have at his face.

I guess he'd be the Paul Reiser character? This analogy is falling apart.
At this point, you're probably shitting your pants in excitement and thinking, "What else is there to do after I've thrown all my money at these awesome vendors?" Well, that's when you sign up for the Nakama-sponsored Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Fuck the Knicks 2 Tournament and compete for my one-of-a-kind framed print!

Maybe this would be the facehugger in the analogy?
There will also be tons of other awesome video-game-related stuff to check out and do, but they're not related to Nakama Toys, so I'm not going to get into all that and struggle to equate it to the movie Aliens. You can check all that out at the Louisville Arcade Expo's website

But the most important thing to take from this is you need to get your ass to the Nakama Toys booth, say hi, and buy Bryan's awesome and luxurious wares. Because Bryan is awesome and he loves you. 

See you there!

ALMOST FORGOT! Bryan will be live-tweeting (?) the event, so be sure to follow him @Nakamatoys. I guess this would be like when the Predator blew himself up trying to kill Arnold Schwarzenegger, but that's from the wrong movie.

It's so Pringles.

If you been following Nakama Toys (and you better be) you've seen this already:

A while back, Nakama Toys commissioned me to do this Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 print for the upcoming Louisville Arcade Expo. I did some research, checked out a number of epic, badass pieces of art dedicated to MvC2 and decided to go with a more fun, ridiculous approach. The final print will be 16"x20" and framed.

At this point, you're probably thinking "Where's Deadpool and Dante? They're the only characters I ever play."

Well, they're from MvC3, not 2; and I hate you a little now.

That taken care of, you're probably also thinking, "Wowsers! How can I get me one of those amazing prints that will most definitely make me a hit with the ladies?"

It's quite simple to get this print, fake person in my head! All you have to do is attend this years Louisville Arcade Expo, enter in the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 tournament, and CRUSH ALL WHO STAND IN YOUR WAY.

This print is like the Highlander, there can be only one. Some things can't be bought with money - they can only be purchased with the CURRENCY OF BATTLE! Fear not though, for those of you who are short on BATTLE CURRENCY but have NORMAL MONEY CURRENCY can get tons of other awesome stuff at the Nakama table. That's where I'll be. Wearing a smile and not much else.

For more info, check out Louisville Arcade Expo and Nakama Toys.

And finally, obligatory: