Achieving Success with Lowered Expectations

So the other day, the powers-that-be at my job (or "that place I go to to read webcomics and write SPACEDOOM") told me that, because of the wonderous failure that is our current economy, they had to lay me off along with a veritable fuckload of my fellow coworkers that also got laid off that day. Getting fired simply because of company downsizing is annoying for the simple reason that I did absolutely nothing wrong. Had I got fired because they caught me fucking the fax machine (not that I'd do that, probably) I could understand, but this...this is different. "Show up everyday - do a good job - get fired anyway" is kinda the exact opposite of that "if you work hard you can achieve anything" creed your grandpappy always told you as a child. The good news is my last day isn't until December 19th, and while being unemployed for Christmas isn't my idea of spreading the holiday cheer, it does afford me a month to find another gig.

I'm not worried because I've always got unemployment and/or male prostitution to fall back on, but it is something of an inconvienence and another smudge on the Great and Wonderous Failure that is Jayesbee. I have to admit that I toyed with the idea of just saying fuck it and throwing myself off the roof of my apartment complex - a suicide not of depression, but of laziness and apathy - but it's just too fucking cold outside.

Fucking winter.

That, and Left 4 Dead just came out and I finally got my shitty Xbox Live connection fixed. I am not exaggerating when I say that L4D is one of the best games I ever played. The actual gameplay aside for a moment; every level loading screen shows said level as a generic zombie movie poster with awesomely (and intentionally) bad tag lines like "No hope. No cure. No problem." and "Curing the infection, one bullet at a time." That alone would be enough to sell me on a game. As for gameplay, there's nothing quite like running down a deserted city street, bumping into a car, setting off said car's alarm, and watching helplessly as the entire block gets swarmed by countless undead. Not slow, old-skool undead either. I'm talking fucking 28 Days Later undead.

Wayward 3 is coming along as nicely as it can when the creator is prepetually distracted with this month's barrage of awesome video games. I think I'm done with the editing on Wayward 2, but I'm waiting for Nicole to go over it with a fresh set of eyes before I resubmit it. Nicole, unfortunately, has been distracted with college and things that are equally as important to her success, but not nearly as awesome as video games and comic books.

And on a final and compeletly unrelated note, I finally saw The Orphanage and I think I'm the only person in the world who thinks it sucked.

Speaking of things that I think suck and are terrible, the Twilight movie comes out soon I think, and since 1 - Nicole likes the books, 2 - I try to be a somewhat decent husband, and 3 - I couldn't convince David and Shorty to make the 6-hour drive to Chicago and bail me out; I have to go and see it. If it makes Nicole happy, then I'm happy. But once I manage to find a copy of Bimbo Movie Bash* on dvd, revenge SHALL BE MINE!

*Bimbo Movie Bash is not only a real movie, but it is also one of the greatest films ever made. If you manage to find a copy; watch it immediately. And then give it to me.