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When it rains (blood) it pours (also blood)

I feel like that saying is so trite, I didn't want to use it as the title of this post. So I added the blood bit, but that doesn't really help. I'm sorry. Forgive me.

But it is accurate; I feel like this whole summer has been productive, but not really worth posting about. Just been working on Nowhere #3. That's about it. Not really post-worthy until it's actually done. Then BOOM! ALL THE SHIT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. So now I have a reason to post: to lay out ALL THE SHIT. Here we go:

1: Scratches

It looks like we're all looking at a September release date for Scratches. And we have a cover. By Menton3. Holy shit. If you don't know him, Menton3 is one of those artists who is so good they make me hate my own work by proxy. Here's a little teaser we've all been posting around:

I'll post more info about the release as I get it.

2: Nowhere #2 is on Comixology

CLICK THIS SENTENCE AND BUY IT. Like I always say, if you like it, give a good rating and - most importantly - share it with your friends.

3: Nowhere #3 is almost done

I've got like 4 more pages to draw. My goal is to have it printed and ready for my next couple shows. Speaking of which...

4: Holy fuck September is going to kick my ass

School starts back up in September. I don't wanna go. But I gotta. I've also got two back-to-back shows in September, so that'll be a thing I'm doing. Warm up your screaming faces and come see me at:

CINCINNATI COMIC EXPO on September 18-20 in whatever state Cincinnati is in. (I'm shit at geography.) Then the very next weekend I'll be at:

OTHER WORLD COMIC CON on September 26-27 in Aurora, IL.

I'll post maps, table info, all that stuff when I get it.

5: Princess Bear-Bear is a princess. Princess Bear-Bear will wreck your shit.

Context would probably help here, I bet. See ya later!


Rowsdower saves us and saves all the world.

I've been watching a lot of MST3K during my nightly drawing sessions recently. Hence the poorly-shoehorned-in reference in the title. Moving on. Here's a random WIP from Nowhere #2:

Compared to the first issue, this one has been plagued by distractions all around - from school to other projects - but it's done now. Mostly. I mean, Nicole has to proofread it and check for any typos I've most definitely made, but the art and whatnot is done. So that's progress. My goal is to have Nowhere #1 and #2 ready in time for DanCon, which is coming up in March. This will essentially be Nowhere's official debut as - even though #1 has been done for a while now - odd scheduling has kept it from being available at the most recent shows I've done. Of course if you want to check out Nowhere #1 RIGHT NOW and don't want to wait for my next show, you're in luck because:

Nowhere #1 is now available on Comixology.

I submitted this book back in August, but it's just now becoming available today. (The process is pretty slow.) If you prefer your comics digital, click here and pick it up. If you like it, help an indie comic guy out and give it a good rating and (most importantly) tell your friends. I think this is the first time one of my books has released on digital before it showed up physically at a show. I personally don't have a preference in the physical/digital thing. Just thought it was an interesting factoid.

So yeah, that's some stuff. Two books are done, one now available on Comixology. The first show of 2015 only two months away. That's a lot of news, right? There couldn't possibly be any mor....

Holy shit there's more news. I'm working on an anthology.

Three new books. Good thing I don't sleep. I've hinted at this before, but since others have announced it, I think it's now safe to make my announcement. I've been working with Leo Perez, Jon Michael Lennon, and Angel Onofre on a collection of short horror comics called Scratches: A Horror Anthology.

Back in August, during the ill-fated Wizard World Chicago show, Leo approached me with the idea of contributing to a horror anthology he was thinking of putting together. I said yes because 1: I already had an idea for short story kicking around in my head, and 2: It's Leo. I'd curb-stomp an orphan if Leo needed me to. I told him to hit me up again when this idea started to become a thing and I'd draw up my pages and send them his way. He called me up a few weeks later and asked me to contribute my story AND write the other stories that him, Angel, and Jon would draw. I didn't exactly have a backlog of short stories cooked up and ready to go in my head, but I said yes anyway because I'm in deep, romantic love with Leo.

I then spent the next few weeks of studio time laying on my futon therapy-style grabbing ideas, developing them, and scrapping them until I had four scripts that I was proud of. It was honestly a pretty grueling but fun exercise, like a writer's marathon/boot camp/...thing. I'd love to do it again at some point. It's also been interesting because although comics are traditionally a collaborative writer/artist thing, this is the first time I've ever worked with other people on a comic.

I've seen some of their working pages and it's awesomely surreal to see a page I've scripted and laid out illustrated by another artist. Like "This is my brain as seen through the Jon Lennon filter". I suppose this is common for other comic creators, but this is a first for me, so I'm gonna enjoy it.

So, yeah. Scratches: A Horror Anthology. Four short horror stories written by me and illustrated by three of the coolest indie comics guys I know. And me. We don't have a cover or an official release date yet, but I'll post that info as soon as I get it.

That it? Yeah, I think that's it. I think.



As I was unlocking my bike to head to work today, I noticed it had become a makeshift spider-town seemingly overnight. This is an absolute in my life; any mode of transportation I exclusively own, be it car, truck, van, or fucking bicycle, will inevitably be occupied by spiders.

I have come to the obvious conclusion that I am the Spider King. I didn't ask for this.

IT LOOKS BACK #4 is now on Comixology

CLICK HERE TO BE MAGICALLY TRANSPORTED ACROSS THE INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY AT THE SPEED OF YOUR LOCAL INTERNET PROVIDER and check it out. Be sure to rate, share, and whatnot because us indie comics guys need as much free marketing as possible.

If you are allergic to digibytes or are otherwise opposed to digital comics, you can get a print copy at Wizard World Chicago. I still don't have a table number yet, but I'll post it when it's available.

Nakama Toys is opening a store very soon

which will ultimately be destroyed by massive amounts of party during the grand opening. Here's a flyer:

Get your digital ass to for details. If you HAVE to get your hands on Nakama's wares and ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT until the 19th, you can hit them up at G-Fest this weekend, 'cause doing conventions while simultaneously building a store is just how they roll.

Nowhere #1 is almost done

And I'm pretty sure I just jinxed myself by writing that, but whatever. I've only got a few pages left to draw, then I gotta knock out the lettering, proof it, and get it to the printer. PROGRESS Y'ALL.



The title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with the content of this post. Nothing. I was trying to think of a clever title and the word "ectoplasm" randomly popped in my head out of nowhere. So that's that. Moving on...

First off, this thing:

In case you didn't already know, Kaiju Big Battel is one of the greatest things ever. Pro wrestling + giant monsters. They're based out of New York and the Nakama Toys crew have been working with them to bring their show to Chicago. That'll be in June. Let me restate that last bit for emphasis:

Nakama Toys is bringing giant monster pro wrestling to Chicago. 

To celebrate, they're throwing a launch party this Wednesday, March 12th at The Squared Circle, a wrestling-centered restaurant owned by WWE-and-TNA-alumn Lisa Marie Varon. They'll be selling tickets to the show, giving away prizes and Kaiju Big Battel merch, and possibly getting destroyed by giant monsters. They also commissioned me to do a poster for the show, which you'll be able to check out at the party. I'm not going to be posting it here for a while, so if you're in Chicago and you just HAVE to see a thing I drew, get your ass down there. Click on the minefield of links back there for more info.

This next bit doesn't concern giant pro wrestling monsters, so it's completely unimportant to me; but I recently did a brief interview with CNBC about Comixology and digital comics as an indie creator. You can read it here. BE WARNED though, it doesn't concern giant monsters.

Speaking of Comixology, I'll just go ahead and shamelessly remind you all that IT LOOKS BACK #1 and #2 are both available here. #3 has recently been approved as well, but it's not available yet. Of course I'll let you know when it goes up.



IT LOOKS BACK #2 is now available on Comixology.


While you're there, feel free to give it some props in the form of ratings. Throw some 5-stars my way. As far as I know, it does absolutely nothing for me in any real tangible sense, but you should do it anyway.

This issue went up a bit faster than I was expecting. The whole indie/submission process is still in a slow beta, so I really have no idea what's going on with it. I've submitted all my other books already, and I'm just waiting for them to get approved. I'll post more once I hear more.

In other IT LOOKS BACK news, I've finished the script and layout for issue 4. A few people I've shown it to have universally said that the song-and-dance number I've added 1: really comes out of left field for the last issue of a horror comic, and 2: doesn't really work in the non-audio medium of comics, so it may or may not make the cut. Now it's time to draw it. It's a little bigger than the previous issues, and it most likely will not be done in time for C2E2. Do not despair though, for issue 3 is at the printers and - barring some sort of terrible collapse of western society - will be ready for the show.

And finally for something completely unrelated and kinda pointless; The Simon Corporation is back on Tumblr. I set one up back in 2012 and completely forgot about it because Tumblr is weird to me. But after some coercion, I've brought it back. You can follow me there and on Facebook for all the more-frequent mini-updates I put up in between the long and rambling lies I post on this site. I'll add a link/button/thing on the sidebar shortly, or you can click these random characters [lakdjsfaoisd;lkdf] and get your tumbles on*.


*I sincerely apologize for using the phrase "get your tumbles on". I have punished myself and I promise it will never happen again.