Progress is subjective

I don't think I'm that good at social media. Granted I am an antisocial wretch-thing, but I think it has more to do with the fact that when I'm grinding away at a book, I don't really have much of substance to post other than "Ya know that book I make? I'm still making it." When I'm working on a set of prints I get to post shit more frequently, usually some variation of "Hey look at this thing I drew." and it's great. People like seeing my stuff and I love being able have that interaction.

Problem is, books don't lend themselves to that "constant content" model well. I've been posting the occasional out-of-context panel on my Instagram and I'm grateful for the reception those little sneak peeks have received, but there's only so much I can show without spoiling the book. So it creates this situation where I feel like I'm slacking off on my readers even though I'm working on this book every night.

I don't know what the point of all that was other than "sorry for the radio silence, but I am working on shit". In fact, Nowhere #4 is almost done; only a few more pages left to go. Here's a WIP drawing of Abigail, a pirate girl, and a superhero mouse:

I love how this book makes no sense out of context.

I love how this book makes no sense out of context.


I put this up on the site a bit ago, but I don't think I've actually posted about it yet. Back when we were doing the Scratches Kickstarter, I wound up doing a bunch of commissions as rewards for it:

I've never been much of a commission guy, but I found myself enjoying the hell out of these so I thought I'd try opening it up on here. So with that in mind I set up a Commissions page here to test the waters. If you're interested in having me draw a thing for you, feel free to check it out.

Show updates

So it turns out I will not be attending Flashback Weekend. There was some communication issues trying to get a table set up and paid for and I finally pulled a "fuck it, I'm out" because I am a very patient man who is not prone to fits of anger. So yeah, that sucks. But I will be returning to Cincinnati Comic Expo this year and to say that I'm stoked is putting it pretty fucking lightly. I had a blast there last year and I was worried I had missed this years registration, but I managed to get in on the wait list and I can't wait to get back down there.

Uh yeah...I think that's everything. Still working on the book. It's almost done. I'm trying out commissions. Flashback is out and Cincy is in. Woot.


Oh my God so much crap

is happening right now I've got a bunch of shit to cover and there's a feral raccoon gnawing on my shin but I'm afraid to kick him away because I might forget something so I'm gonna try to ignore it and just type through the pain and impending infection here we go:

IT LOOKS BACK #3 is now on Comixology

You can buy it here. I've said it before and I can't stress it enough, but if you do pick it up, maybe take a second to give it a rating and tell your friends. The more books I sell, the easier it'll be to feed my family of feral raccoons.

The short one on the left there? That's Gorrack, he's on the honor roll. The one next to him is Duuuuuuurgh, he's doing a nickle down at state for armed robbery. I'm rambling. Moving on...

IT LOOKS BACK #4 is pretty much done

And it's the last issue, which actually means...

IT LOOKS BACK is pretty much done

I finished the art and lettering last night/this morning. All that's left is to have Nicole proofread it, fix anything she finds, and get it off to the printer. Once I get everything back from the printer, I'll send it off to Comixology as well.

I have no idea what my next project is going to be once this is done. I have a few options, but I haven't decided on anything yet.

Unfortunately, I don't think IT LOOKS BACK #4 will be available in time for C2E2. The process of sending the files to the printer, getting a proof copy, looking it over, making revisions, and ordering stock takes a while, and C2E2 is coming up fast. But #3 will be there. I just got stock for that issue the other day. Speaking of C2E2... 

The Simon Corporation (sans raccoon army) will be appearing at several physical, real-world locations where you can say hi or something

You already know about C2E2, which is only about a month away. But a few weeks after than I will be hitchhiking Bill Bixby-style to Minnesota to attend SpringCon. Just about every comic-making friend I've met has recommended this show, so I'll be there. Possibly drunk. Probably drunk.

I've gotten into the habit of making posters for each convention I do for some reason, so here's one for SpringCon:

Speaking of posters I made...

I cannot stress this enough, Nakama Toys is bringing giant-monster pro-wrestling to Chicago

I wrote in an earlier post about Nakama Toys bringing Kaiju Big Battel to Chicago for a show in June. Since that post we've had a party at the Squared Circle to promote it. It went off well and there will probably be at least one more promo party before the big show. Along with serving as an excuse to talk wrestling, drink, and party with Cycloptopus, that promo event was also the date Nakama unveiled the poster I made for the event and - more importantly - when tickets for the show went on sale.

Here's my poster:

You can get the poster (exclusively at Nakama Toys) by going HERE.

You can get tickets for Kaiju Big Battel (also exclusively at Nakama Toys) by going HERE.

If you don't ever use the internet but are somehow still managing to read this post, you can also pick up the poster and the tickets (along with a variety of other awesome KBB merch) in person at any Nakama live event. I know for certain they'll be at C2E2 and ACEN. I'll post more info as I get it.

Holy crap I think that's everything. I'm out.


The title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with the content of this post. Nothing. I was trying to think of a clever title and the word "ectoplasm" randomly popped in my head out of nowhere. So that's that. Moving on...

First off, this thing:

In case you didn't already know, Kaiju Big Battel is one of the greatest things ever. Pro wrestling + giant monsters. They're based out of New York and the Nakama Toys crew have been working with them to bring their show to Chicago. That'll be in June. Let me restate that last bit for emphasis:

Nakama Toys is bringing giant monster pro wrestling to Chicago. 

To celebrate, they're throwing a launch party this Wednesday, March 12th at The Squared Circle, a wrestling-centered restaurant owned by WWE-and-TNA-alumn Lisa Marie Varon. They'll be selling tickets to the show, giving away prizes and Kaiju Big Battel merch, and possibly getting destroyed by giant monsters. They also commissioned me to do a poster for the show, which you'll be able to check out at the party. I'm not going to be posting it here for a while, so if you're in Chicago and you just HAVE to see a thing I drew, get your ass down there. Click on the minefield of links back there for more info.

This next bit doesn't concern giant pro wrestling monsters, so it's completely unimportant to me; but I recently did a brief interview with CNBC about Comixology and digital comics as an indie creator. You can read it here. BE WARNED though, it doesn't concern giant monsters.

Speaking of Comixology, I'll just go ahead and shamelessly remind you all that IT LOOKS BACK #1 and #2 are both available here. #3 has recently been approved as well, but it's not available yet. Of course I'll let you know when it goes up.


Look out you rock 'n rollers.

That title is a David Bowie reference, 'cause this post is about ch-ch-changes. I apologize for that horrible joke. Moving on.

First off, there is now an official Simon Corporation Facebook page. Up until now, I've simply been using my personal Facebook page for social web 2.0 internettings, but that created something of a conflict because I keep my privacy settings at maximum so employers and relatives can't wander in and see my drunken shenanigans.

Such hedonism!

So I've been torn between keeping my shit private while allowing The Simon Corporation to wander out into the webspace and attract new, sexy fans. The new Facebook page corrects that. If you haven't already, Like it and tell your awesome and interesting friends. 

My goal is to keep the pages separate; the projects and art stuff going to the Simon page, and my bender stuff going to my personal page. 

This is a cry for help. 
Second, the store is currently down. Don't panic, it'll be back up shortly. I'm just making a few tweaks and adding some items. I'll make a post when it's back up and you can resume sending me your money. 

Finally, if you haven't already noticed, I'm messing around a bit with the layout of this blog. I've added a Facebook hub...thing in the sidebar for starters and I plan on adding an improved gallery soon. 

On a completely unrelated tangent, here's some pre-WWC 2011 Chub commissions I did for Brodie:

I knew nothing about any of these characters when I took this on. The research was fun though. I should have one more Chub commission up here in a few days and then I never want to draw a chubby superhero again.