bump in the night

More ways to send me your money.

The site redesign continues. I have this nagging suspicion that this would be a whole lot easier if I knew more than basic HTML, but whatever. It's a fine-tuning process, so if you see anything off drop me a line and let me know. I primarily designed it in Safari, so I'm not sure how it looks in other popular browsers like Netscape or AOL.

Oh yeah, The Simon Store is now open.

All up in ya mouth.
I've had a lot of people asking me if they can buy my prints, and now they can! Right now, all that's available is Wayward and the Bump in the Night prints. There's been a lot of demand for the Chubs, but I'm not sure how legal it is to sell reinterpretations of copyrighted characters online, so I'm going to hold off on that until I'm certain I'm allowed to. Any lawyers out there feel free to hit me up and help me out.

Keep in mind this is all a work in progress. When I started planning for a store, my ideal set up would be entirely self-maintained; I get an invoice, and notice of payment and ship it out personally. Which is what I have set up for the prints, as I'm able to make them at a local print shop. The comics however, are still being handled by ComiXpress, the online print-to-order shop I've been working with since Wayward began. Because of this, there are technically two stores right now: The Simon Store that handles the prints, and ComiXpress who handles the books. 

Because of this, any cross-orders are going to have to be handled as two separate purchases and shipments. I apologize for the inconvenience, but it is a temporary one. I plan to eventually build up a stock of books at Simon HQ and handle the shipments personally, as I do with the prints. But to do that, I essentially have to buy a bunch of my own books from ComiXpress. It's kind of ridiculous for me, but if it makes getting my stuff to you easier, so be it.

Nicole also suggested I set up some kind of online-commission-request-service-thing in the store. I'm milling it over right now. More as it develops.

Meet Bobby and the Toms.

Holy crap Bump in the Night is done. Meet Bobby the mummy:

And here's a whole bunch of zombies, who by a matter of very extreme coincidence, are all named Tom:

So the set is done. Never let it be said that I never finished anything in my life.

[What's next, you ask?]

Finishing Bump in the Night as well as the first round of The Chubs is part of two events: Wizard World Chicago and and the third round of Letterbombs. All that's left for the con and the mailing is finishing Wayward #3, which should be ready for the printer this week. More info as it develops, and all that nonsense.
Since I'm too stupid to leave well enough alone, I'm toying with the idea of eventually expanding on both Bump and The Chubs; sequels, if you will. With The Chubs, I simply plan on putting out another Facebook notice for requests and doing a second round of whatever you crazy humans throw at me. I'd also like to do another set of prints similar to Bump in terms of style but instead of classic monsters, I'd like to take a stab at classic sci-fi staples; robots and aliens and whatnot.

Needless to say, I'm not going to even let myself start to seriously think of these expansions until I've got the con/Letterbomb prep and some other projects knocked out. But it's something I'd like to do if/when I get the time.

Monster makes it happen.

For quite some time now, I've been locked in a semi-permanent AM Session; those blocks of days that I try to negate as much sleep as possible to obtain more time to work on my projects. When I describe these sessions to the few unfortunate humans who mistakenly attempt to converse with me in meatspace, I usually get looks of disapproval. And occasionally disgust. Okay, almost always disgust.

But I pay no concerns for the impressions of you silly humans and your wacky concerns for self-preservation! I have shit to do and being in a voluntary unconscious state impedes on my abilities to get said shit done.

While still stupid and arguably insane, these sessions are especially great for when I find myself quickly approaching a deadline. Such was the case with my current project - the previously-posted-about Bump in the Night piece that I had to finish drawing and produce a physical printed copy by this upcoming Sunday. 

The scenario in which I was working on this image was pretty much the same scenario I find myself in during any of my AM Sessions: sobbing hysterically, strapped to my drawing table, my tablet pen embedded in my hand, and blitzed out of my mind on cough syrup, mouth wash, and Pez. Out of respect for your greater senses, I won't describe the scene in vivid detail. Let's just say "simmering in my own juices" would not be entirely inaccurate.

Unable to control my shaking hands and terrible blood-vomit and fearing I wouldn't get the image done in time, I found myself overwhelmed by a sensation closely resembling "e-moh-shun". I did what I always do in moments of weakness such as this - I turned to my life-long companion, a knee-high blue monster that hangs out at my drawing table. Appropriately named "Monster".

"Monster!" I lamented, "I am a fool! My completely illogical and nutrition-lacking diet, combined with the deprivation of rest has left me with and incurable and ultimately and fatal case of scurvy! LISTERINE SCURVY!

"I feel my life-force slipping away! Swear to me, swear upon your noble monster honor that when death becomes me, you will not let my friends and family take my stuff!  Nay, assemble a great and glorious pyre and burn my belongings in front of them out of spite!

"Gasp and cough! It is time for me to depart the living realm! My only regret is that I didn't get that cursed Frankenstein picture done in time!"

But I didn't die, I passed out. I awoke the following morning in a common manner - in the alley behind my apartment with clown make-up, flesh, and party confetti stuck in my teeth. Groggy and disoriented (I'm not a morning person), I stumbled back to my apartment to find this greeting me:

Monster is The Man. Monster makes shit happen. Monster gets shit done.

I have five copies right now. One going for the commission, the other four for...whatever. Sorry folks, but I can't justify another Letterbomb session for just one print; so for those of you who regularly receive my mailings, it's going to have to wait until I have some more shit to send out with it. Which will hopefully be sooner rather than later.

For score's sake: four pieces down, two more to go.

Final judgement reserved for a later date.

Say hello to Elsa, Junior, The Good Doctor and his assistant Chuck.

I think it's done, but it is two in the morning so I don't want to make that final call just yet. If anything, all that's left is some minor tweaks...I think. Again, I don't trust my current mental capacities to make that kind of call. 

DISCLAIMER: Since I've yet to create an official Simon Corporation watermark, I've instead opted to once again just cover the piece with terribly inappropriate Advice Dog quotes. Enjoy.

Once completed, I should hopefully have a few prints done shortly afterwards.

At gunpoint.

The freelance job is finally officially done. The majority of the images I provided were purchased for a considerable sum of cash, which I promptly used to buy a ludicrous amount of hookers and coke new laptop for Nicole. I considered posting the images up here, but I really don't feel like coding all that shit, so here's a few of the images that weren't used:

Some variety of tea-containing device with floral designs. Ask Mary what it's called, I can't be bothered to remember. 

A tea-strainer/Australian torture device. This image was scrapped in favor of a different model.

So yeah, that's the basic style of the images. Pretty easy stuff. They asked for clean and simplistic so I just modeled the color and stroke style after the customer's pre-existing logo. It's very different from the stuff I usually draw (cartoon dick on park benches) but it was fun to experiment with something that was completely and totally out of my zone.

In an unexpected twist however, it did open an opportunity for another paying mini-gig that is more in line with my style. When I initially went to the store to talk with them about this job, I showed the lady that was interviewing me the three Bump in the Night prints I had completed (The Boos, Nigel the Vampire, and Ralph the Wolfguy). She saw that I had a yet-to-be-completed piece with Doctor Frankenstein, his assistant, his creation, and The Bride and she's offered me some cash to finish it up for her husband's birthday.

Now, this is a piece that should have been completed a long time ago, but now I'm getting paid to finish a piece that I was eventually going to finish anyway. So uh...hooray procrastination? I need to put together the background, and I'm thinking about re-drawing Junior the creation, but that's about it. Should be a night's work, tops.

Obviously, I'll be posting the finished piece up here when it's done, and I'm still looking for a logical means to sell my prints online. If anyone has any suggestions, hit me up.

In a similar note, a lot of people have been telling me to put my stuff up at a local art show/gallery/thing as well as making some stuff for tshirts and whatnot. I'm vehemently opposed to the gallery thing for reasons too numerous to post, but enough people are insisting on it, so I have a horrible nagging suspicion that I'm going to give in and eventually do it. I'm still brainstorming the tshirt/apparel idea, It's just a matter of coming up with a design/s and creating it/them.

And the rest: RX Bandits are amazing, Bioshock 2 has exceeded all my expectations, and I really need a haircut.