I wanted to start this post with the usual pointless/cynical/witty banter, but 1: I've been doing another round of AM Sessions, and the lack of sleep is destroying my internal vocabulary, and 2: I'm at work, and therefore don't have a lot of time for needless bullshit composition. So let's get straight to the point.

I am, currently, thinking about writing a book. Not some "just fer the fuck of it Johnny Explosion/Dick Handsome short story" book, but a legit, properly-composed, full-length novel. I don't know when or if I will start on it, but the idea's firmly lodged to my skull with it's gnarled, twisted roots dug deep into my cerebral cortex, so I highly doubt this is an idea I'm going to allow myself to just let go.
As of right now, I guess it's in the post-post-production phase. All I have is a premise, a general idea of the three acts, and a working title. But I want to do this shit right, so there's some research that needs to be done first.
So far, all I can say with any concept of certainty is that the working title is "Beta" and, in a sense, it's an examination on celebrity-obsessed culture, religious and political extremism, and the fight for personal identity, all revolving around one (1) reanimated corpse.*
I want to state again that this is in no way an announcement of a new project; as much as I'd love to just jump in and start on it, there's more planning to be done and a lot of other projects to finish up first. I'm only putting this up to hopefully make me feel more obligated to get it going.
* No, it's not Jesus.