Excellent Simon-Z Super-Time Post GO!!!

I'll just leave this here...

I'm going to have a table here:
It's sometime in May. Go to for more info. 

Full disclosure: I was somewhat indifferent about getting a table at this con. ACen is, obviously, focused on eastern and eastern-inspired artwork and entertainment and everything in my portfolio has so far been very firmly grounded in the west. But I have seen lots of western-style artists there before, so I guess I'll give it a shot.

Also, this has given me motivation to start my next line of Chubs prints, officially titled The Chubs 2: Oh My God Bear is Driving How Can Than Be. Chubs 2: OMGBIDHCTB will be just like the first run of Chubs prints, except it will focus entirely on popular anime and manga characters. Think of it as taking distinctive japanese characters and giving them a hearty adorable dose of good ol' fashioned american obesity. The plan is to show these off here and on my deviantART page as they're completed, and to showcase the print run at the convention.  

I'll be posting more info, like my table number, location, and whatever else as it develops.


Aside from this and Wayward, I have some other things going on, some possible big projects in the works, etc. As much as I'd love to discuss them, they're all very much in the early, brainstorming stage of development; so it's possible that nothing will come of some or all of them. Therefore it's probably best that I refrain from discussing anything in detail until it begins to officially exist.

Granted, I'd probably be a lot further along in my stuff if it wasn't for Fallout: New Vegas. Something about the Fallout games just consumes me. I know I should be spending my free time on more productive means, but there's still Legionaries out there in the Mojave Wasteland, running around and being evil slaving bastards. And I cannot stop until every last one is dead.

Seriously, screw these guys.