Indiana Comic Con

Not the Moose Post

A while ago, I made a certain post on Facebook and Instagram:

Going forward, let's refer to this as "the Moose Post" for clarity. It's obnoxiously vague and it promises some exciting news in the future. 

That news/announcement is still forthcoming. This is not The Moose Post. But I have a bunch of not-Moose-Post-related things going on, (too many things possibly) so let's get to that. 

I will be back at Indiana Comic Con

Fuck this is an awesome show, and I'm gonna keep going as long as they'll put up with me. I do these shows to get my books out there, meet new readers, and connect with fans and the Indiana Comic Con crowd has some of the most enthusiastic readers I've ever met. I had one reader pick up my books one day, then come back the next day with fan art of my work. That kinda blew my mind. So obviously I'm going back. I'll post more details as the show gets closer. 

The Mini Show.

Sideshow Gallery Chicago is having a show this Friday. Me, Angel, and a whole bunch of my fellow Chicago Goblins will be showing pieces there. Here's the flyer: 

And here's my piece: 

"Gabriel" Digital painting on canvas. 5x5

"Gabriel" Digital painting on canvas. 5x5

If you're in the area, come on down and check it out. I'll be there, probably making an ass out of myself, and a lot of my crew will be to. 

And the rest.

There's a lot more stuff in the works. (Oh my god there's soooooo much stuff in the works what have I done.) Including new comics, art, projects, and that aforementioned Moose Post. But this is all I can talk about right now. More info coming soon. 

Very soon. 

Sneaky lil bastard

Get out your catching...gloves? mitts? nets? I don't think this analogy is working. The point is, I've got a lot of info to throw at you, so...prepare for that in some sort of way?

Fuck that fell apart quick.

N'Albany is done.

Yesterday, I released chapter 10, the final chapter of N'Albany. If you haven't already read it, you can read it right here for free. So do that and share it with the other humans you know.

This was a real fun project to work on. It was similar to how I usually make comics, but just different enough (the half-page size, greyscale, releasing in weekly installments) to keep me on my toes. Plus I feel I've created a town ripe with stories, so expect more N'Albany stories in the future. Actually I've already got the next script written. But for now that project is done, so I've gotta focus on what's next.

Nowhere #6 is in the works.

Nowhere's turning out to be a multi-part story. Already the longest comic I've ever made. Issue 6 is going to close out part one. Here's the cover:


Now that N'Albany's done, it's time for me to knuckle-down and start working on this one...

I lied, Nowhere #6 is done.

What what what!? While I was working on and releasing N'Albany over the past 10 weeks, I've also been working on Nowhere #6, so yeah. It's done. I just have to send it to the printer for a proof copy and...

I already did that.

Holy shit, I'm getting waaay ahead of myself here. Just got this in the mail this week. I have to make a few tweaks here and there, fix a typo, and send it off to the printer for stock. My goal is to have it in time for my next convention, but I can't absolutely guarantee that. I'll post updates as I get them.

I'm trying to figure out what to do next. I want to do another print set, but working on a print and web comic simultaneously kinda broke my brain. So I'm gonna take a few days and gather my thoughts, have a snack, then come out swinging. Until then:

I will be at Indiana Comic Con.

In something like two weeks, me and my fellow comic goblins will all load into the Debauchery Wagon and head off to Indiana (home to more wasp-related deaths than any other state in this great nation) for Indiana Comic Con. I did my first Indiana Comic Con last year, and the ruckus was BROUGHT, so I'm really excited to be coming back this year. See you there.

Commissions are back.

I can't remember if I mentioned it in my last post and I'm not about to go and check, so whatever. Commissions are back in a limited capacity, so if you've been wanting me to make a print specifically for you, click this link all quick-like and get yourself a commission. Spots are limited, so don't sleep on it.

I think that's everything. Gonna crash now. See you at Indy.


Hoo boy, lotta shit to cover. Let's skip the intro stuff and jump straight into it.

VOID is done.

For the past month, I've been posting parts of a weird little comic I made up on the webcomics section. It was a fun project and I hope everyone enjoyed it. Perhaps "enjoyed" may not be the right word considering the bizarre nature of the story, but you get my point. If you haven't already, you can check it out here. If you dig it, do me a solid and share it around.

I plan to do a full post just about VOID, but that'll have to wait 'cause I got other shit to cover.

Indy brought the ruckus.

In my post-C2E2 2016 entry, I wrote the following:

"This show was so good that I'm suffering a crisis of pessimism. To everyone that came out: thank you for that crisis.

The question I'm asking myself now is can I maintain this momentum. Next month is Indiana Comic Con - a show I've never done before - so I guess I'll find out there. Come on down if you want to check out my work and watch a man be delightfully confused."

If Indiana was any kind of indicator, it's starting to look like this isn't a fluke. I'm going to try to stop doing this sappy shit in the future, but oblige me here, this shit is still new to me. I extensively prepare myself for failure to the point where it's practically expected. The problem with this approach, however, is I've never prepared myself for success. The amazing reception I've been getting at these shows is forcing me to face a reality I've never contemplated before and it's legitimately fucking me up. There's an initial shock that I'm still reeling from, but I've gotten my shit together for the most part and I'm starting to form an idea of where this needs to go next.

tl;dr: These shows are getting better and better and now I'm scheming.

I will be at Flashback Weekend.

This August I'll be throwing comics at people at Flashback Weekend. This will be my first horror convention. I suspect this is way overdue, and I should have been doing horror conventions since the start, but now I'm working on making up for that oversight. If it goes well, it'll open up a whole new genre of conventions for me and I'll find myself a significantly busier goon. I'll post more info as the show gets closer.

I don't know how to store.

It was brought to my attention that I had a bunch of stuff missing from the Store, so I'm working to fix that. I've added all five issues of Wayward (how the hell did I forget that?) and The Orphans print series. Go check it out and buy stuff maybe if you want to, I dunno.



Indiana Comic Con is coming up in a few weeks and I'm all stocked up and ready to go. This is my first time doing this show, (hell, my first time doing a show in that state) and there's always a strange sense of anticipation with a new show. I feel like I'm going in blind to a group of completely new people and I can't wait to see if they dig the horrible things I've drawn.

I'll be at Artist Alley table F5. To help you remember my table number, here's a handy GIF:

I've heard nothing but good stuff about this show, so I'm looking forward to hopefully becoming a regular there. If the Hoosiers like indie horror comics, of course.

Void begins next week.

During the Scratches Kickstarter, I put together a weird little comic called Void. It eventually became a stretch goal for the campaign, but I always created it with the intention of making it available to read here. The first part will go up this Monday, with each following part going up each consecutive Monday.

I really hope you all dig it. Here's a teaser:


Everything is officially back in stock over at the Simon Store. Whether or not that'll still be the case after Indiana Comic Con is currently up to fate.

So come back next Monday, warn your friends, check out the store, and get your ass to Indy.


C2E2: The Bewildering

If it hasn't been demonstrated clearly in my rambling on this blog; I'm something of a pessimist. I keep my goals humble and my expectations low. I doubt, second-guess, and harshly criticize everything I do. Basically I'm an insufferable self-loathing prick. It's who I am. It's my reality and I'm accustomed to it. Then something like C2E2 comes along and fucks me all up.

I find myself struggling to comprehend success, and C2E2 2016 was - beyond a doubt - the most successful show I've ever done. So I've spent the past few days in kind of a confused blur. It's like getting punched in the face but in a very good way. Wow, that's a terrible analogy. The point is the show was very good - so good in fact that I'm questioning what I'm capable of and wondering if I've been selling myself short. I'm considering potential and possibilities that I've never allowed myself to consider before.

This show was so good that I'm suffering a crisis of pessimism. To everyone that came out: thank you for that crisis.

The question I'm asking myself now is can I maintain this momentum. Next month is Indiana Comic Con - a show I've never done before - so I guess I'll find out there. Come on down if you want to check out my work and watch a man be delightfully confused.


There are a few books and prints that are currently out of stock over at the Store. You can blame C2E2 for that. Even though I thought I properly stocked up, I sold out of a bunch of stuff. Like I said, it was an amazing show. I'm working on getting everything back in stock and should have it all up in a week or so. I'll put up a post when that's done.

Oh yeah, with the Kickstarter finished and shipped off, I'm able to focus more on Nowhere #4 now. Here's the cover:

Hope ya dig it.