Cincinnati Comic Expo


In a few days, Patrick Trahey and I will load up the rocket-powered hate engine (Patrick's car) and launch it with an impossible fury directly into the heart of Cincinnati. There, I will continue pursuing my life long dream - to share my stories with people so hard that it levels an entire city.

Get your ass to Cincinnati Comic Expo. I'll be at table D20. Here's a helpful visual to help you remember:



And here's a map:

Behold the Queen

I've officially started working on Nowhere #5. The script is done and I've started the art. Here's the cover:

I've been looking forward to that blue ever since I decided on a color scheme for these covers. Nowhere #4 ended up taking much longer than I planned, so the goal for #5 is to have it completed significantly faster. Most of my goals tend to crash and burn, so let's see how this one goes.

Until then, take your ass with both hands and insert it directly into Cincy. See you there.

Progress is subjective

I don't think I'm that good at social media. Granted I am an antisocial wretch-thing, but I think it has more to do with the fact that when I'm grinding away at a book, I don't really have much of substance to post other than "Ya know that book I make? I'm still making it." When I'm working on a set of prints I get to post shit more frequently, usually some variation of "Hey look at this thing I drew." and it's great. People like seeing my stuff and I love being able have that interaction.

Problem is, books don't lend themselves to that "constant content" model well. I've been posting the occasional out-of-context panel on my Instagram and I'm grateful for the reception those little sneak peeks have received, but there's only so much I can show without spoiling the book. So it creates this situation where I feel like I'm slacking off on my readers even though I'm working on this book every night.

I don't know what the point of all that was other than "sorry for the radio silence, but I am working on shit". In fact, Nowhere #4 is almost done; only a few more pages left to go. Here's a WIP drawing of Abigail, a pirate girl, and a superhero mouse:

I love how this book makes no sense out of context.

I love how this book makes no sense out of context.


I put this up on the site a bit ago, but I don't think I've actually posted about it yet. Back when we were doing the Scratches Kickstarter, I wound up doing a bunch of commissions as rewards for it:

I've never been much of a commission guy, but I found myself enjoying the hell out of these so I thought I'd try opening it up on here. So with that in mind I set up a Commissions page here to test the waters. If you're interested in having me draw a thing for you, feel free to check it out.

Show updates

So it turns out I will not be attending Flashback Weekend. There was some communication issues trying to get a table set up and paid for and I finally pulled a "fuck it, I'm out" because I am a very patient man who is not prone to fits of anger. So yeah, that sucks. But I will be returning to Cincinnati Comic Expo this year and to say that I'm stoked is putting it pretty fucking lightly. I had a blast there last year and I was worried I had missed this years registration, but I managed to get in on the wait list and I can't wait to get back down there.

Uh yeah...I think that's everything. Still working on the book. It's almost done. I'm trying out commissions. Flashback is out and Cincy is in. Woot.



This weekend, I will once again board the CHARIOT OF SEXUAL DESPAIR (Jon's car) and ride, howling, into the iron walls of Cincinnati. Once there; I along with my fellow SHRIEKING COMIC GOBLINS (Jon, Leo, Wesley, Ali, Patrick) will sample the local diseases and show everyone how we do comics back in Chi-town.

I'll be at table B3. It'll be the table covered with weeping sores. Here's a map. Be there.

I painted some things

Once you've successfully fought your way into the inner sanctum of the Cincinnati Comic Expo and made your way to my horrible, horrible table; you can buy things. Like these guys:

The Bishop of The Void
The Bishop of the Blight
The Bishops of Albany
The Prison Bishop
The Bishop of Nerathuul

I've been working on upping my print game and this is what came of it. Take from that what you will. They'll be $10 each. Hope you dig 'em.

If you can't make it to Cincinnati and you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO see my face in person, I'll be in Aurora, IL the very next weekend for Other World Comic Con. If I survive Cincinnati, of course. 

Nowhere #3 is done

Just got the proof copy in the mail. Here's the cover that I don't think I've ever posted here:

What the hell is that thing on the cover!? I guess you'll just have to buy and read it to find out...once it's available. I still need to review the proof and possibly make edits, so it's done, but not quite ready yet. Yeah, that makes sense.


I've already started setting up shows for 2016. Indiana Comic Con 2016 is already a thing that's definitely happening and I'm just waiting for registration for several other shows to pop up.

Scratches is coming along nicely. I've been seeing art from Jon, Angel, and Leo periodically and it hasn't stopped being weirdly cool.

Here's the cover for a thing I'm doing:

I don't want to say anything about this one yet, but I'm hammering away at it with one hand while writing the script for Nowhere #4 with the other. My goal is to have this one up pretty soon.

I also painted this thing:

I'm not sure how I feel about this one. I dig the idea, but I'm not sure if it's something people would want prints of. If you think I'm wrong, hit me up and I'll see what I can put together.

I think that's everything. Lot's of stuff going on. Lot's of more stuff in the works. In the meantime, get yourself to Cincy and Aurora. Bring snacks.