Oh my God so much crap

is happening right now I've got a bunch of shit to cover and there's a feral raccoon gnawing on my shin but I'm afraid to kick him away because I might forget something so I'm gonna try to ignore it and just type through the pain and impending infection here we go:

IT LOOKS BACK #3 is now on Comixology

You can buy it here. I've said it before and I can't stress it enough, but if you do pick it up, maybe take a second to give it a rating and tell your friends. The more books I sell, the easier it'll be to feed my family of feral raccoons.

The short one on the left there? That's Gorrack, he's on the honor roll. The one next to him is Duuuuuuurgh, he's doing a nickle down at state for armed robbery. I'm rambling. Moving on...

IT LOOKS BACK #4 is pretty much done

And it's the last issue, which actually means...

IT LOOKS BACK is pretty much done

I finished the art and lettering last night/this morning. All that's left is to have Nicole proofread it, fix anything she finds, and get it off to the printer. Once I get everything back from the printer, I'll send it off to Comixology as well.

I have no idea what my next project is going to be once this is done. I have a few options, but I haven't decided on anything yet.

Unfortunately, I don't think IT LOOKS BACK #4 will be available in time for C2E2. The process of sending the files to the printer, getting a proof copy, looking it over, making revisions, and ordering stock takes a while, and C2E2 is coming up fast. But #3 will be there. I just got stock for that issue the other day. Speaking of C2E2... 

The Simon Corporation (sans raccoon army) will be appearing at several physical, real-world locations where you can say hi or something

You already know about C2E2, which is only about a month away. But a few weeks after than I will be hitchhiking Bill Bixby-style to Minnesota to attend SpringCon. Just about every comic-making friend I've met has recommended this show, so I'll be there. Possibly drunk. Probably drunk.

I've gotten into the habit of making posters for each convention I do for some reason, so here's one for SpringCon:

Speaking of posters I made...

I cannot stress this enough, Nakama Toys is bringing giant-monster pro-wrestling to Chicago

I wrote in an earlier post about Nakama Toys bringing Kaiju Big Battel to Chicago for a show in June. Since that post we've had a party at the Squared Circle to promote it. It went off well and there will probably be at least one more promo party before the big show. Along with serving as an excuse to talk wrestling, drink, and party with Cycloptopus, that promo event was also the date Nakama unveiled the poster I made for the event and - more importantly - when tickets for the show went on sale.

Here's my poster:

You can get the poster (exclusively at Nakama Toys) by going HERE.

You can get tickets for Kaiju Big Battel (also exclusively at Nakama Toys) by going HERE.

If you don't ever use the internet but are somehow still managing to read this post, you can also pick up the poster and the tickets (along with a variety of other awesome KBB merch) in person at any Nakama live event. I know for certain they'll be at C2E2 and ACEN. I'll post more info as I get it.

Holy crap I think that's everything. I'm out.

A few quick things...

Just a few quick things from Chicago Wizard Comics Show Convention that I forgot to mention:

-I am currently sold out of Wayward #4 and I've temporarily removed it from the Simon Store. I'm in the process of ordering more stock as well as stock for New York Comic Con from the printer, but they are notoriously goddamn slow. I'll put up a post when it's back in stock.

-Much to my surprise, a lot of people want my logo on a shirt. Ya know, this guy:

Probably 'cause they think he's Slenderman, which he's absolutely not.
I'm looking into it, along with my Crothulhu design I did a while back. I'll post more details into my brave official venture into Simon Corporation Wearable Devices if/when it happens.

That should be the important stuff. Aside from that, I'm about halfway done with Wayward #5, I'm prepping for New York, I'm working out the script and visual style for The Thing I'm Going To Do Once Wayward Is Finally Done (Working Title), and I'm getting ready to go back to school in September.

Okay. That's everything? Yeah, that should be everything. I'm out.


The Crothulhu t-shirt campaign continues, so if you haven't voted and/or commented, you still have plenty of time. Nicole - my beautiful wife and constant voice of reason - discovered that a recently selected shirt had sat in the voting pool for about three months before it was selected, so Crothulhu doesn't exactly have an impending deadline. It's not as simple as "whoever gets the most votes in a deadline gets picked", the designs sit in a voting pool and the Design By Humans crew picks them at their discretion. That discretion can be influence by votes and comments though, so keep voting and commenting.

I've been spamming my Facebook and Twitter pretty hard on this. I feel kinda bad about it, but then I check my Facebook and see some asshat has posted every single Evanescence video and I don't feel quite so bad. I think I've effectively tapped all my social network connections, so I'm going to let up on the active promoting a bit, but I still need your help. Go to the Crothulhu page and drop some feedback if you haven't already. Votes are awesome, but positive comments also go a long way in determining if/when Crothulhu gets printed. And hit up the handy-dandy, "share this on Facebook, Twitter, etc" button to help spread the word.

I really appreciate all the support I've seen so far. The votes and comments have been great, and it's awesome to see other people repimping it for me on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Those of you on my friends list who can't be bothered to help - that's cool too. I understand registering to vote and helping a friend out is just too much work for you. I totally get it. Dick.

In other news, I unfortunately wasn't accepted into New York Comic Con. I need to wander around the world map, get in some more random encounters, and level up a bit more before I'm accepted. Next year maybe?


After much debate, we here at The Simon Corporation have decided to venture into the crazy, mixed up world of wearable devices. On a completely unrelated note, I have been reading too much Lovecraft. Here's Crothulhu:

His name is Dale. He enjoys crackers, shiny things, and being an impossible horror. 

He's a swell guy. I want to put him on a shirt:

To get it onto a shirt, I plan on going through an awesome shirt site called Design By Humans. I figure I've ordered enough stuff from them, I might as well try to contribute. That's where you come in. 

To get a shirt on Design By Humans, it has to be voted in by the community. I.e. I submit the design, and if it gets approved, it goes online where you vote on it. If it gets enough votes and positive feedback, it gets slapped on some shirts and becomes commercially available. 

So when I submit it and IF it gets approved, then I need a bunch of votes from Viewers Like You and Crothulhu will officially be a shirt. 

I plan on making the submission shortly. I'll make a quick post on here, Facebook, and Twitter when I do. Then if it gets approved, I'm going to need you and everyone you know to vote for it. I'll let you know if/when voting becomes available. 

Rock Girl prints are done.

Wow, that wasn't a clever title at all. It's true though, so that's something. Here's the final print:

You might say it's "Ready for prime time."
Or not. That was bad. Sorry.
It's 11"x17", glossy card stock just like some other Simon prints like Bump in the Night. But this one goes all the way to the edge with only an 1/8" trim, making the image slightly larger than the BitN prints.

Just realized I've been posting nothing but print pictures and in-process screenshots. Here's the (watermarked) final piece:

Now I know what you're thinking: I can't believe they finally killed Osama Bin Laden. That's cool and all, but let's focus on me for a second, okay? Now, you're thinking: Wowsers! How can I get my hands on that sexy super-fighting robot print? I will give you ALL THE MONEYS! 

Well, you can get a copy for yourself and your local pastor at Anime Central this May 20th through the 22nd. And instead of ALL THEY MONEYS, they'll only be twenty bucks! But if you come to the table and tell me the Super-Secret-Simon-Passphrase, "20XX? More like 20-sexity-sex!", I won't actually give you a discount, but it will make me happy.