C2E2 is only 2 weeks away. You should be there. I hear it's gonna be a good time. I'm personally looking forward to staring lovingly at Angel for 3 days straight. The poor bastard's seated directly across from me.

 And it's not just Me and Angel - just about everyone's gonna be there. Jon and Leo, The Sun Bros., Ali, Nakama Toys, I'm even shipping in a batch of feral Iowans - Kyle, Donovan, and Lee - to join in the veritable blood-orgy. So where are we all at? Here's a handy guide:

I will be at table L15. It's the booth where all the screaming and rats will be coming from.
Angel is pretty much directly across from me at table K16, or just follow my unblinking gaze.
Ali and Sun Bros. are only a few tables across from each other, at tables K4 and K1 respectively.
Jon, Leo, and the Iowa Crew are right next to each other, so I fully expect their area to be a smouldering crater by the end of the weekend. Jon and Leo are at D14 and Kyle, Don, and Lee will be at D15. While you're there, Leo's debuting a new book at C2E2: The Legend of El Toro Dorado. I've been excited for this book ever since he told me about it. It features art by him, Jon, and Angel.
Nakama Toys isn't on the map below, but they're in booth 283. Bry, Nicole, and Devo will be running the booth. When you swing by there, tell Nicole that Jamie needs a smoke break. Here's a map:

If you weren't at DanCon, this will be your first chance to pick up the first two issues of my newest book Nowhere, so be sure to scoop those up. I'm also working on a few other goodies that I hope to have ready in time for the show, but that's for another post.

See you in two weeks!