Wizard World Chicago is only a few weeks away. Because of some questionable layout decisions by the Wizard World...Wizards?, last year was not that good for anyone. Let's make this a year of redemption. And drunken orgies. But mainly redemption.

This year's show happens to fall right on my birthday and I feel like nothing would better celebrate my slow march towards an inevitable death quite like coming by my table and checking out the things what I have done. Lavish gifts are cool too, but I'll take what I can get. Look, I'm not saying IT'S MY BIRTHDAY AND YOU FUCKERS OWE ME or anything, but if I don't get a pony someone's gonna bleed.

I'm actually looking forward to this show a lot. Not only am I sharing a table with Angel Onofre...

This. All weekend.
But we're placed right next to Jon Lennon, Leo Perez, and John Hoban. So much awesome in one single aisle. I feel sorry for the rest of Artist Alley. Here's a map:

For an interactive version, GO HERE
Go there, say hi, check out all our stuff, pick up a copy of IT LOOKS BACK #4, and bring me a goddamned pony.

Speaking of books I make. I just got the proof for Nowhere #1 from the printer:

The art looks fine. Just have to fix one little typo that slipped past us, then it back to the printer and Comixology.

And finally, although this won't be until early next year. I will be at the newly-resurrected DanCon 2015 along with the rest of the sexy indie comic people I hang out with. Here's a poster:

There are few other shows I'm looking into, but this is the only one that's official so far. More updates as they come.

I want my birthday pony.