C2E2 is this weekend. Just a few days away. I'm stoked. You're all stoked. We're all so stoked that the word "stoked" has lost all meaning and doesn't really sound like a word anymore. What more can be said about C2E2 that I haven't already said on Facebook?

It's depressing how proud I am of this post.

I'll be there (artist alley table #D7). Nakama Toys will be there. Jon, Leo, Kyle, Donovan, Angel, and a whole bunch of other awesome people will be there. And a lot of us will probably be drunk.

Aside from my usual swill, you can pick up a copy of my newest release, IT LOOKS BACK #3 and check out my experimental short run of IT LOOKS BACK posters. I've had a lot of people say they wanted posters of the ILB covers, so I'm gonna try it out.

Speaking of posters, you can also get your hands on my Kaiju Big Battel poster I designed for Nakama Toys, but you can't get it at my booth. For that one, ya gotta swing by the Nakama Toys booth (in the Block #663) and get it there. While you're there, you should probably go ahead and pick up a ticket for Kaiju Big Battel: Triskaidekaphobia along with five of everything else they have for sale. After you've successfully procured a poster, bring it over to my table and I'll sign it. To summarize:

Go here:

Get this (and a ticket):

Bring it here:
And I'll write my name on it.


IT LOOKS BACK is done. I just got the proof copy for issue 4:

Unfortunately, I have to make some minor edits to it, and there's no way I can get stock from the printer in time for C2E2. But I will be submitting it to Comixology soon and it should be ready in time for my next convention.

Finishing ILB had me stuck in the weirdest mindset for a while concerning C2E2. Because I wasn't actively drawing a book as the con started, I didn't feel like I should be there. That's right: even though I've got nine books and two runs under my belt, I felt like I was going to the show empty handed because I'm not drawing a book RIGHT NOW. Yes, I am aware that this is ridiculously stupid and highly illogical, but it was happening. I'm working on some new stuff now, so that illogical mental loophole is gone.

I've got three main ideas bouncing around in my head: a quick little short story comic that I would just stick up on this site, a new mini-series that'll be slightly larger than Wayward and IT LOOKS BACK, and a possible webcomic idea. At this moment they're all in the scripting phase and nothing is concrete so I don't want to say anymore until I actually have something to show. 

TL;DR: I am working on stuff and I'll show you soon.

See you at C2E2!