C2E2: Hangovers and Murder

Regarding C2E2 2014, I made one simple promise. Murder:

Long story short: We delivered. Here's a recap:

Fellow art humans Kyle, Donovan, Lee, Ashley, and Chelsea drove down from Des Moines to crash at my apartment and partake in their own C2E2 debauchery. Backed by my army of feral Iowans, we set out to DESTROY and drink and DESTROY.

And destroy we did. This has been, by far, the best show The Simon Corporation has ever had. Despite the soreness and hangover, I'm on cloud nine. My work has never been so well received. "Hooray!" the con-goers would cheer as my comically over sized battle axe crashed into their skulls, doing horrific irreparable damage, "We're having so much fun!". The murder festivities were capped off when Kyle, Jon Lennon, Menton, and I went outside to celebrate and murder each other.

Last known photo.
In all seriousness, this show was amazing. So much so that my formerly impenetrable shell of infinite self-loathing has started to crack and I'm still trying to figure out how to process this sense of ... satisfaction? I think that's what it's called. Whatever it is, it involves boners.

I'm still legitimately shocked by how well received my work was at the show. More than several times, people came up and picked up every single one of my books in one go. Saturday, a guy bought all five issues of Wayward. Sunday, he came back with his friends, told me he read the entire thing last night, and then bought all of IT LOOKS BACK. It kinda floored me. Thank you.

The IT LOOKS BACK cover posters also did surprisingly well. Credit where it's due: That was all Nicole's idea. I honestly didn't think that people would be interested, but I decided to do an experimental run just to test the waters and then I sold out of a few.

This isn't the first time Nicole has suggested an idea that I didn't think would work only for me to try it out and be completely wrong. I should probably just always listen to her for now on.

Again, this show was absolutely amazing and it's all due to a bunch of people I need to give props to right now. Nicole (obviously). The Iowa crew: Kyle, Donovan, Lee, Ashley, and Chelsea...

(By the way; if you haven't already contributed to Kyle's Kickstarter, then you're an asshole and I hate you. To correct this, GO HERE: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1010413189/tin-windows-the-art-of-kanthony-lawler)

The CheeseLord crew: Jon, Leo, and Angel...

(You need to check out Angel's book, The Thing That Came From Space Or Something now. You can follow Angel on Tumblr here: http://angelonofre.tumblr.com/)

And of course the Nakama Toys crew: Bry, Mary, Devo, Morgan, JR, and Trish.

This show is going to be hard to top. Better start drinking now.

Next up, SpringCon in Minnesota.


[more photos and links coming soon]