IT LOOKS BACK #2 is now available on Comixology.


While you're there, feel free to give it some props in the form of ratings. Throw some 5-stars my way. As far as I know, it does absolutely nothing for me in any real tangible sense, but you should do it anyway.

This issue went up a bit faster than I was expecting. The whole indie/submission process is still in a slow beta, so I really have no idea what's going on with it. I've submitted all my other books already, and I'm just waiting for them to get approved. I'll post more once I hear more.

In other IT LOOKS BACK news, I've finished the script and layout for issue 4. A few people I've shown it to have universally said that the song-and-dance number I've added 1: really comes out of left field for the last issue of a horror comic, and 2: doesn't really work in the non-audio medium of comics, so it may or may not make the cut. Now it's time to draw it. It's a little bigger than the previous issues, and it most likely will not be done in time for C2E2. Do not despair though, for issue 3 is at the printers and - barring some sort of terrible collapse of western society - will be ready for the show.

And finally for something completely unrelated and kinda pointless; The Simon Corporation is back on Tumblr. I set one up back in 2012 and completely forgot about it because Tumblr is weird to me. But after some coercion, I've brought it back. You can follow me there and on Facebook for all the more-frequent mini-updates I put up in between the long and rambling lies I post on this site. I'll add a link/button/thing on the sidebar shortly, or you can click these random characters [lakdjsfaoisd;lkdf] and get your tumbles on*.


*I sincerely apologize for using the phrase "get your tumbles on". I have punished myself and I promise it will never happen again.