This is what Kurzweil was talking about.

Let's face it guys: it's the future. Now. We're future people.

Don't believe it? Well, the future is sneaky like that. One day you're sitting around listening Alanis Morissette's You Outta Know, still blissfully unaware that that song is about Uncle Joey and BAM! suddenly it's the future. It's 2014; we should be having Running Mans any day now. Amazon is about to start deploying flying killbots directly to your house armed with copies of Cheers season three on blu-ray. You can beam porn directly to your Google Glasses. We even have robot food:

I think I've proven my point: we're future-people now.

Now that we're all in agreement that I'm right about whatever it was I was just babbling about, you're probably wondering, "Well, if we're future-people now, how do I read comics?"

Well that's simple, you read them digitally. It's just like reading normal comics, but you replace the paper with digibytes and virtual reality. And that, my patient friends, finally brings me to the point of this long-winded post:

IT LOOKS BACK #1 is now available on Comixology.

I've been sitting on this announcement 'cause it takes a while from submission to approval to posting for a book to get up on Comixology, but it just went up today, so you should check it out and tell all your friends about how we're in the future now.

It's also a bit cheaper than a printed copy. The way I see it, there's no printing charges on my end, so the idea of charging the same price didn't sit well with me. So there's that.

I've already gone and submitted the rest of my books as well, but the Comixology submission process is still in beta I believe, so it takes some time before they go up. Of course I'll post updates when the rest of my work becomes available.

Until then, click this link, check out my first digital comic, and tell your friends. Here's an easy link you can copy and paste all over the place:

The future is now, and we are robot-people. And we read robot-comics.