I feel I've come to a crossroads in my life, and I find myself torn between two potential life goals. On one hand, I could continue making comics and drawing nonsense. On the other hand, I could abandon all worldly possessions and relationships and dedicate my life to becoming an intercessor:

I dare you to watch that video and tell me that anything else matters in life. I fucking dare you.

Future dropout

The semester is over. I've been pretty busy. Here's a bunch of paintings:

I'm not explaining any of these. Don't ask.

I usually deposit all my class work directly in the trash and immediately forget about it, but this one particular course was a bit more "open", allowing me to do shit I may actually be interested in. I may end up doing more with these pieces.


I've finished the art and lettering for IT LOOKS BACK #3. All that's left to do is have Nicole proofread it while silently cursing my wretched illiteracy.

Before proofreading, this cover originally read, "IT LOOKES BAK".

Once the proofing is done, I'll correct the myriad of typos and get this fucker printed. One more issue to go.

There you go, an update, some pictures, and a rock 'n roll demon battle. That good enough for you? ARE YOU SATED? Yeah? Good. I'm out.