Sorry for the lack of updates, let's just say I've been busy. Let's definitely not say I've been in hiding because I unknowingly invoked a terrible and unspeakable horror that dedicates it's entire existence to hunting me like a wounded fawn; psychologically torturing me by putting horrific images in my head and whispering unintelligible threats that only I can hear so I can never know if my thoughts are truly my own and I can never get a single moment of fucking silence and every waking hour is spent looking over my shoulder and every single night is pure, absolute nightmare.

Let's not say that, 'cause who in their right mind would make such a ridiculous claim? That'd just be crazy. I mean, WHO WOULD SAY THAT? RIGHT?

Wizard World Chicago is next weekend, and you're going to go there and say hi to me, yeah? Along with my usual stuff, I'll also have my latest book, IT LOOKS BACK #2 for you to pick up and read and scream at. I'll be at table L23. Here's a map.

If that small image doesn't work for you, you can just follow the trail of discarded teeth directly to my table or you can click on this long string of text that doubles as a hyperlink to a more informative, interactive version of the map.

While you're at the show, you should never forget that it is your solemn duty to also check out K. Anthony and Donovan, Jon at the Cheeselord Comics table, and Z. M. Thomas at the Trepidation Comics table.

Truth be told, I'm not sure how I feel about the convention being divided into two separate floors, but we'll see how it goes. Also, New York Comic Con didn't pan out, so I believe this is my last convention for the year. I feel I've spent the majority of the year in con prep mode, so I haven't actually had much time to make things for said conventions, so this will give me some much-needed time to get some of my various plots and schemes unfurled. As an optimist, I always try to find the good side of my hollow, miserable and ultimately meaningless charade of a life.

Speaking of having time to get shit done, the script for IT LOOKS BACK #3 is completed and I'm currently in the middle of getting the art down. Here's the cover:

And in case anyone's interested, here's the script:

Spoiler alert.

So that's about it. Convention next weekend that YOU WILL DEFINITELY BE AT and shit getting done. See you next weekend.

Or else.