C2E2: Jon Michael Lennon is an Internet Dracula

C2E2 is over and I'm almost recovered. I've got a lot of shit to process. Things I've learned, people to contact, schemes, projects, and whatnot. I'm going to write up a follow-up post shortly pimping out all the awesome people I've met once I get all my contacts in order, but for now I just want to knock out a few quick-fire tidbits and share a tale of unspeakable terrifying power.

This is Jon Michael Lennon:

I stole this photo from his Facebook. I have a print-out of it over my bed.

I met him back at Wizard World 2012. He is the mastermind behind Cheeselord Comics and overall awesome guy. He showed up at my table on Friday and I could tell he was coming because the entire aisle of artists greeted him. One thing you should know about Jon is he knows everyone. He is the linchpin that connects ALL OF MANKIND.

So he shows up at my table and we end up doing a book trade. I gave him a copy of IT LOOKS BACK #1 in exchange for the latest issue of his book, Product of Society. He eventually leaves and Nicole and I go about our con business, a little happier that we were able to catch up with him.

Sometime the next morning, he posts this on his Facebook:

Nicole shows me because I'm terrible at doing social media during cons and I feel a brief flash of what you humans call happiness. After all, it's nice to hear that someone likes something you created. More so when they decide to recommend it to others. It makes me almost feel like a real artist. Plus it's free advertising, so...yeah. I appreciated the gesture and continued on with my con-doing.

Probably about two hours later, a random guy approaches my table, picks up a copy of ILB, hands me some cash and says (and I'm paraphrasing here) "Jon Michael Lennon said on Facebook to buy this. Here is my money."

This kind of floored me and - after careful analysis and consideration - I have come to the only possible conclusion:

Jon Michael Lennon is some kind of Internet Dracula.

He posted a command on the internet. A person received it and obliged without question. He didn't ask me about the book and barely flipped through the preview copy. Free will was not a equation in this transaction.

Jon commands and we obey without question. The president doesn't have this kind of power. I still don't know if he should be worshiped or destroyed.


-Apparently I REALLY need to make Simon Corporation t-shirts. I've gotten this request a few times at previous cons, but I wasn't really sure it was worth pursuing. Based on the requests I got at this show, I suspect I'll be hunted down and beaten to death by an angry mob if I don't have something available at my next appearance.

-People dig the cover for IT LOOKS BACK #1, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. There were several requests for a poster version. I'm considering it.

-Kyle Anthony says I should get into traditional painting. So I'm going to. Because he said so.

-We're currently sold out of Wayward #1 and IT LOOKS BACK #1, which I think means I'm doing something right.

-Speaking of running out of things, all 250 business cards I had made for the show were gone by the end of the weekend. So if you're new here. Hi, I'm jsb. I write and draw comics when I should be sleeping. I'd like to one day do this for a living. I have no idea what I'm doing. I live in Chicago with my wife Nicole who is awesome. She keeps me out of jail. There is absolutely nothing else worth noting about me.

-I have a lot of contacts to make a props to send out, but that'll have to wait for another post.