Despite the valiant efforts of the armies of man, C2E2 draws ever closer. The Simon Corporation will be there with plenty of spooky things for you to look at and/or read, including fresh-from-the-printers copies of Wayward #5 and the first issue of my new book IT LOOKS BACK. Finish one story, start a new one, dig?

Come by and say hi. I may even tell you a ghost story if you ask nice enough.

Specifically, I'll be at Artist Alley table #S14. Now, if you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that this is the part where I break out the map:

McCormik Place is a pretty big...uh...place. And as you can see it has multiple sections. Like a hydra, or something else equally terrible. You're gonna want to head to the West Building: Where Dreams Come True. Do not mistakenly go to the East Building: Where Dreams Die and whatever you do DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES go to North Building: Where We Do Weird Things With Your Butt.

Okay, here's the con floor proper. It's a dangerous place filled with goblins and bugbears. You're gonna need a fighter and a white mage that can cast healing spells at the very least here. If you have any bards in your party, throw them out now 'cause those guys suck. With your party of adventurers in order, you're gonna want to make your way to the DANGER ZONE, but don't go in yet. First you should swing by The Block for the Nakama Toys side-quest. Make sure you have a Bag of Holding as this side-quest is loot-heavy.

After you bravely conquered the Nakama Toys booth by drowning Bryan in cash, make your way to the northwest corner of DANGER ZONE. It's easy to find, just follow the aura of mystery and intrigue. Lower level adventures will have to make a saving throw against pants-shitting awesomeness every other turn at this point.

WELCOME TO DIE. Now you stand before me, foolish adventurers! I have at least 3 different forms and all the hit points, so prepare for a lengthy battle. I'm only weak against good conversation and buying my comics and prints, so engage in both in order to defeat me. Should you prove successful, you'll gain 2 levels and get the rare BATTLE AXE OF FACE-RUINING which deals +2 dmg against faces.

Can't wait to see you there!