It Looks Back

So Wayward's been done for a minute now, and while I'm working on getting it printed and putting together the collected trade version, I've started working on my next book. In fact, the first issue's almost complete.

I've been sitting on this announcement because 1: I like to have a cover ready when I announce a book and 2: I had no idea what the hell the title was going to be. For me, a title is something that either happens automatically with little to no actual thought, or it's a long agonizing process. This one was the latter.

But I've got both of those points checked off now so here we go:

There you go. First issue cover and title. What's it about? Here's the official press release thingy:
Chicago. The Roaring Twenties. When private detective Brennan O'Sullivan is hired to investigate the mysterious death of a reporter, he follows his only lead - a jagged, cryptic symbol - on a trail that will lead him to unknown horrors hiding at the edge of reality. 
IT LOOKS BACK is a unique blend of two iconic genres of the 1930's: the hardboiled detective mystery and weird fiction. Look for it early 2013. 
Man, I really hate writing those things.

Fun fact: I was originally planning on calling this book THE HERALD, but I was born and raised on the Indiana/Kentucky border, and my Kentuckianan accent makes it impossible for me to say THE HERALD without sounding exactly like THE HAROLD, which doesn't really work when I'm trying to discuss the book at conventions.

I've been a fan of detective stories for as long as I can remember, and I've wanted to do my own take on the classic hardboiled detective tale since I was eleven years old. Of course the eleven-year-old me's take on it would have probably incorporated 100% more skateboards and kung-fu somehow, so I'm glad I've sat on it until now. I'm also obviously a huge horror nut. (If there's any lingering doubt about that, feel free to check out everything else I've ever done.) So the attempt to merge the hardboiled detective with the cosmic horror just seemed to make sense to me.

Like Wayward, this is going to be a mini-series, 3 to 4 issues total. At the time of this writing, the first issue is almost done. I'll be posting updates when it's available.