Agony Revisited [Ongoing]

I've gone through this process before, and keeping a solid log of the events has helped with my own personal records, so I'm doing it again.

I sold out of Wayward #4 at Wacky Wizard Comic Show, and New York Comic Con is only about two months away, so I need to restock everything. I also figured this would be a good opportunity to update some of the info on the title pages of all four books (since Wayward #1 came out, I've switched websites, email, etc.) So I submitted updated files for all the books - making this upcoming run the official second printing - and put in a bulk order for stock.

Like before, this post will be updated as it develops.

-MONDAY, 8/27/2012 10AM: Placed an order for New York Comic Con and Simon Store stock. I was given a guaranteed ship date of MONDAY 9/24/2012 - about two weeks before I leave for New York. Received an automated "We got your order!" email.

-MONDAY, 9/10/2012 11AM: Emailed the printer asking them when my invoice would be available and reminded them that I need these books before the show.

-MONDAY 9/10/2012 12PM: Received an email saying I should expect the invoice today. PREDICTION: I won't get the invoice today.

-THURSDAY 9/13/2012 9:30 AM: Got the invoice. Paid it. Got the auto-confirmation receipt.

-MONDAY 9/24/2012 1PM: Today was the "Guaranteed Ship" date, but I haven't received a Shipping Notification. Sent them an email asking if the books were going to ship today.

-MONDAY 9/24/2012 3PM: Got an email saying the books should ship this afternoon and I should get my confirmation email afterward.

-MONDAY 9/24/2012 3:30 PM: Holy crap I got my tracking info.

-WEDNESDAY 9/26/2012 1PM: Came into the office after class and the books were waiting for me at my desk.