I got my table number for Chicago Comic Con, which is this weekend by the way. I'll be at Artist Alley table 3104. When you get to the con floor, go straight there and start screaming random guttural vowels - it's the only way for me to know you're a real person.

I checked out the floor map and it appears the floor plan is a bit different this year, so I put together an updated map to help you find your way and filter out the less important aspects of the show.

My table is for buying prints and comics. The bathroom is for poopin'. DO NOT confuse the two.
 If you're interested in free quick sketches, the super-secret pass phrase for this show is "I AM EATIN' ALL THE BEANS DADDY-O", or you can just ask for one, it's not that big a deal.

Also, please note that I will NOT be there Thursday night 'cause of work and all that, and there is a good chance that I will be irresponsibly drunk Friday through Sunday.

Hope to see you there!