I've already posted this before, but I will be at G-Fest XIX this July 13-15 helping out at the Nakama Toys booth. Bryan - my often-mentioned mancrush and Nakama founder - won't be there, so be sure to ask me vague-ass questions about toys that I'll be completely unable to answer.

If you just HAVE TO see Bryan (and who doesn't?) that weekend, just fly over to San Diego. He'll be at San Diego Comic Con covering the journalism portion of Nakama. Pretty amazing, right? I mean, what doesn't Nakama Toys do!?

If you are in San Diego and you happen to see Bryan (probably wearing a reporter's cap and scribbling frantically into a comically small notepad), run up to him, give him a high-five, and scream SURFS UP DUDE RADICAL at him as loud as possible. There's no reference or inside-joke there, it'll just confuse the hell out of him. Do it anyway.

After G-Fest, I'll be making the next official Simon Corporation appearance at Chicago Comic Con. (Look, this will be my third consecutive year behind a table at this convention, and I still have no idea what the hell it's actually called. I've always called it Wizard World Chicago, but everyone I know calls it Chicago Comic Con; and now the official branding says Chicago Comic Con, so I'm just gonna go with that for now on, dig?) The show is August 9-12 and while I probably won't have Wayward #5 ready for it, I'll try to do something special for the show.

All I know is that I'm in. As for where my table is and all that, it always comes way later. As usual, I'll post more info as I get it.

And finally, I've applied for New York Comic Con, and I should get my official letter of rejection this weekend. I applied last year, but I was rejected because I wrote NY PIZZA SUCKS CHI-TOWN REPRESENT all over the form. I didn't do that this year and I was accepted to C2E2 earlier this year and it's run by the same company sooooooo maybe I'll get in?