C2E2 Recap

C2E2 is over and it was awesome - quite possibly the best con I've ever done. Except for that one guy who shot me in the face, everyone was nice and seemed to genuinely enjoy my stuff. Aside from checking out my stuff and shooting at me, a lot of people have snatched up my business cards and I suspect may be checking out this site any moment now. With this in mind, I figured I should post some sort of quick introduction.

Hi, I'm Jamie. I work under the name jayesbee because I'm one of those jerks that uses pseudonyms. I like to write and draw nonsense and scary things. I have a comic called Wayward that's very scary. I draw fat superheroes that are less so. I'm working on the fifth and last issue of Wayward at the time of this writing. I live in Chicago where I have a normal human day-job and I go to Columbia College at night.

I don't sleep if at all possible. I have no idea what I'm doing. Here's a picture of a very stupid looking animal:


If you are at all interested, there are a number of places on the internet in which you can follow me (aside from here):


It should be noted that I don't like DeviantArt and I will say bad things about them from time to time. If you ever want to contact me directly, you can show up at my apartment in the middle of a dark and stormy night; naked and holding a bouquet of flowers and a chainsaw (which I guarantee will get my attention), or you can email me at jsb[at]thesimoncorporation[dot]com.

That should be it for greetings. As soon as I pick the remaining buckshot out of my teeth, I am going to update the online store. I need to add some of the newer stuff that debuted at C2E2, namely Wayward #4 and the Team Fortress 2 paintings. If you saw something at my table that you wanted and it's not in the store, give me a few days and it'll be up.

If you're new here, I hope you enjoyed C2E2 and it's nice to meet you.