Wayward #4 will be at C2E2

Couldn't think of a clever title. Figured I'd just lay it all out there.

Even though I finished my end of it a few months ago, I never really feel like a project is officially complete until I have the final physical copies on hand. So when I got the crate with my copies of Wayward #4 in the mail yesterday, I was finally able to cross that book off my mental to-do list.

By the way, the crate they came in was ridiculously large. If I had to give out a rough estimate, I'd say it was about as long as a car and taller than me. Which is weird, considering I only ordered 20 copies. On a completely unrelated note, if anyone out there is mailing packages anytime soon, come by my place, I have a ton of packing peanuts now.

So now you're probably wondering how you can get your bizarre six-fingered hands on the latest issue of my little terror book. Well, Wayward #4 will be at for C2E2, along with the rest of my prints, and (to a lesser extent) me in my wretched pulsating physical form. I like to give con-goers first dibs at my stuff, so Wayward #4 won't be in the online store until after the convention, which is only a month away! Holy shit I have so much work to do.

Okay, so say your going to C2E2 and you want a copy of Wayward #4 (and everything else I'll have available); where do you find me? It just so happens I got an email from the convention the other day with that info as well. I'll be at artist alley table #H14. Where's that table, and what's going to be going on there, you ask? Well let's, as always, turn to The Simon Corporation's amazing (and forbidden) Zoom and Enhance INTO THE FUTURE!!! technology to find out.

Okay, here's the layout map for Artist Alley, in case that wasn't obvious. Sorry guys, I don't have a map for the entire con floor. If you're upset, write your congress person and/or local representative. Once we're all done marveling at the awesomeness of this two-column layout, we'll ZOOM AND ENHANCE on that red area for a closer look:

There's my table! H14! ISN'T THIS EXCITING DAMMIT! Now let's ZOOM AND ENHANCE on the table itself, highlighted in red, to see what awesomeness lies in store at The Simon Corporation table! Exclamation point!

And that's...toast. Okay. Hmmmm, must be a hiccup. Sorry fellas, this isn't an exact science, looking into the future and all. Let me make a few adjustments and see....


See you there!