The Process

THE NEWS: The main artwork for Wayward #4 is done.

THE QUALIFIER: There's still a bit of artwork and finalizing I have to do.

THE EXCUSES: There's something to be said about how messing with the process can screw with everything. With Wayward 1-3, after I made the script and the terrible little thumbnails and it was time to start on the books proper, I'd work on the book in order, one page at the time. Meaning I'd do page 1 in it's entirety; panels, line art, coloring, texturing, lettering, and finalizing before moving on to the next page. So if I was starting on page 2, that meant that page 1 was completely finished and ready for print.

I tried a lot of new things with Wayward 4 and messing with the page-by-page style process has proven to be a bit chaotic. It won't show in the final product at all, it's just been weird on my end. I don't know why I changed it this time around. I think I thought it would be faster, or maybe I was just feeling experimental. My idea was to do one step of the process - say, line art - for the entire book, then do the next step for the entire book. Rinse, repeat, etc. This didn't work so I abandoned it about halfway though. But the process was already scrambled, so there was a couple instances of "I'll do this later".

Now it's "later".

What all means is the majority of the work - drawing the book - is about 95% done. I just have to go back and add a few elements that I skipped over. A small background element here, some lettering there, some print-prep, and so on. Then I just have to do the "Next Issue" page, the credits/legal stuff on the inside front cover, and it's done.

At this point, I can't imagine the book not being ready for C2E2. But I'm not making any promises.