I worry about the important things.

So the other day, I saw Insidious. I hadn't heard much positive, but I was bored and hadn't seen a haunted house movie for a while, and it was free so whatever. It was...eh. Of course. Haunted house stories, regardless of how well they start, often have the "delivering God" issue when it comes to the third act. Specifically they spend the first two acts building atmosphere and tension only to go to complete shit when it comes time for the reveal/resolution because nothing they can deliver can add up to whatever terror the audience has cooked up in their head.

Insidious is no different. It has some genuinely spooky moments early on, then the protagonist is fighting Darth Maul in Frankenstein's castle. But whatever. I was expecting shit. This post isn't about the movie. It's about the poster.

This is the theatrical poster for Insidious:

Okay, so we got a picture of a kid with the ominous filter ran over him and it's failing miserably because kids aren't scary, but that's not what I'm talking about. Look at the actual title, INSIDIOUS; ran vertically for no apparent reason. 

Why the fuck are the letters SI red?

Maybe it's because I'm in the last week of a typography class and I'm looking at things too critically design-wise, but this is driving me nuts because I feel like there's an obvious reason or reference that I'm just not getting. That, or the designer just randomly decided to make SI red for no apparent reason.

Okay, just for shits and giggles, I googled "why is the SI in Insidious red?" and it appears I'm not the only one bothered by this. I've yet to actually find an answer.

Maybe it's just a genius ploy to keep people talking about this mediocre film long after they should have forgotten about it.