Here's a thing that's happening.

My Twitter and Facebook followers already know this, but it appears that The Simon Corporation will have a table at C2E2 in April. I'm genuinely surprised because the last couple times I applied they skipped the typical rejection email and invited me to a personal, face-to-face meeting just so they could throw me through their tenth-floor office window.

I guess there's a lesson to be learned here: when event organizers crush your kneecaps with baseball bats and throw you through plate-glass windows over and over...get up and try again? Maybe. I'm terrible with morals.

There's not much left to say other than I'm in. I just got the congratulatory, our-conventional-weapons-and-brutality-can't-seem-to-kill-you-so-welcome-aboard-I-guess email a few days ago, and the convention isn't for a few more months, but I'll post more info whenever it gets closer to the show.

My number-one goal is to have Wayward #4 finished and available at the con, so that probably won't happen.