Goat Goat Goat

Haven't posted in a while. Not because I haven't been working, I just haven't had anything worth posting recently. For example, the other day I murdered a goat with another goat. Why? TO GAIN IT'S POWERS.

Sure, I can climb mountains and eat tin cans like a boss now, but I just didn't feel a post specifically about goat-murder really fit in with this blog. 

But fear not, progress is being made on stuff. I'm almost done with Wayward #4, I should receive my official rejection letter from C2E2 any day now, I'm doing a couple commission things, and I'm starting something I can't talk about now because I don't like you that much. 

So yeah, between all that and school and all that goat-murderin', lots of stuff's been going on. It's just that none of that stuff has reached that finished-and-ready-to-be-posted-online-for-you-to-ignore status yet. 

Except for the dead goats. I'm done with that for now.

Also a goat.