Wizard World Chicago 2011: The Follow-Upenning

That is Bryan with Jason Narvy of Power Rangers fame. Probably the best thing that happened this weekend.

Wizard World Chicago 2011 is over. May we never speak of it again. Except here, which is what I'm doing. Right now.

CON REPORT IS GO! This was my second WWC and, just like last year, it was awesome. Awesomer than last year simply because I had a better idea of what I was doing this time around. Last year, I spent most of the weekend standing on my table, covered in filthy rags, and screaming random guttural syllables at the con-goers. This year, I actually presented and sold my work to enthusiastic readers. Much more successful approach than last year.

My table this year. Notice the lack of filth and hate.

A few things of note:

- A lot of people remembered me from last years convention, which made me feel like a real boy.

- A lot of people scolded me (often violently) about not having Wayward #4 done yet. I have learned a terrible lesson about about deadlines this weekend.

- Ellen Sandweiss, or Cheryl from The Evil Dead stopped by my table and liked my stuff.

- Kids really like the Chubs.

- The Orphans did surprisingly well.

I also met a lot of great artist, writers, and podcasters. All of whom I intend on linking to and given proper props in a follow-up post. Finally, here's a picture of Bryan with a Mr. T clone.

* All pictures in this post taken by Bryan and Brodie. Props.