Look out you rock 'n rollers.

That title is a David Bowie reference, 'cause this post is about ch-ch-changes. I apologize for that horrible joke. Moving on.

First off, there is now an official Simon Corporation Facebook page. Up until now, I've simply been using my personal Facebook page for social web 2.0 internettings, but that created something of a conflict because I keep my privacy settings at maximum so employers and relatives can't wander in and see my drunken shenanigans.

Such hedonism!

So I've been torn between keeping my shit private while allowing The Simon Corporation to wander out into the webspace and attract new, sexy fans. The new Facebook page corrects that. If you haven't already, Like it and tell your awesome and interesting friends. 

My goal is to keep the pages separate; the projects and art stuff going to the Simon page, and my bender stuff going to my personal page. 

This is a cry for help. 
Second, the store is currently down. Don't panic, it'll be back up shortly. I'm just making a few tweaks and adding some items. I'll make a post when it's back up and you can resume sending me your money. 

Finally, if you haven't already noticed, I'm messing around a bit with the layout of this blog. I've added a Facebook hub...thing in the sidebar for starters and I plan on adding an improved gallery soon. 

On a completely unrelated tangent, here's some pre-WWC 2011 Chub commissions I did for Brodie:

I knew nothing about any of these characters when I took this on. The research was fun though. I should have one more Chub commission up here in a few days and then I never want to draw a chubby superhero again.