Well it's official, The Simon Corporation will be at Wizard World Chicago's artist alley. I'll be selling issues of Wayward and my various prints, including the brand-new Proto Girl pinup that I'm currently putting the final touches on. Here's a preview:

I'll have a final version up probably tomorrow.

Unlike other conventions, Wizard World has the forethought to give their artist their table number and location before the convention in order to make things run smoother. I'll be at table 3347. Come by and say hi (and buy all my stuff). If you come to the table and say the super-secret-Simon-passphrase, "THE CITIES OF MAN WILL BE TORN ASUNDER UNDER THE ENDLESS WRATH OF THE EYEBLEEDER!" I'll give you a free quick-sketch.

Now let's once again take a quick look at the con floor map with The Simon Corporation's amazing Zoom and Enhance INTO THE FUTURE!!! technology to see what's in store:

Okay, this is the entire con floor. Can't see much because the map is so small. Let's ZOOM AND ENHANCE on the red area, which is approximately where artist alley should be.

Okay, this is artist alley. Still can't see much so let's ZOOM AND ENHANCE to see my approximate area.

Now we're getting somewhere! Let's ZOOM AND ENHANCE one more time on that small red area, which appears to be my table number.

Wowie, looks like fun! See you there!