A failed attempt at the healing process.

This is not related to this post in any way.

Here's my schedule:

-Tomorrow through Thursday: FINALS
-Friday through Sunday: Indiana
-Next Friday through Sunday: ACen. 

I'm in scramble mode right now with con prep and studying. I'm not enjoying things right now. 

Finals involve a test, a research paper, a presentation, and memorizing 55 different paintings in terms of title, artist, style, and date.

Indiana's fine, but it does involve I-65.

This. For five hours. One-way.

And then ACen. It's two weeks away, but I'm scrambling to get all the promotional material and merchandise ready, while studying.  That probably explains why this post isn't all that entertaining. But I've wanted to make it a point to post more often, even if those posts aren't full of ground-breaking information. This is one of those posts. We can all sleep soundly tonight now. 

I'm busy and everything is happening all at once and I'm stressed and I thought this might be therapeutic and it really isn't.

Ha ha ha. Yuk yuk yuk.