Anime Central is over, and I suspect some of the people I met are here for the first time so think of this is an introduction of sorts.

Hi, I'm Jayesbee. I draw and write horrible things for your horrible entertainment. I live in Chicago and, alongside this writing and illustrating thing, I also enjoy video games and sleep deprivation.

Prose-wise, I have a couple books rattling around in my head, waiting to be made once I have the time. In the meantime, I like to throw together nonsense about barbarian detectives and paranormal gynecologists and post it here for your (for lack of better terms) ...enjoyment.

I also like to draw a lot of nonsense. I have several sets of prints that you can buy at my store.

My biggest project right now is Wayward. It's a horror comic about a haunted prison school for troubled boys. For some reason, that always sounds a bit silly when I explain it like that, but it's not just a bloody ghost story; it's an exploration of guilt and forgiveness.

Wayward is a 5-issue miniseries still in production. The first three issues are completed and available for sale at the store.

If you want to contact me directly to tell me how horrible I am, you can email me at

Most of my updates are posted here, but I also throw stuff on Facebook from time to time. If you want to use me to shamelessly increase your friend list count, you can add me (Jamie Danger) at

I'm also on Twitter, where I enjoy the challenge of cramming as much stupid as I can into 140 characters. You can follow me @Human1428.

And finally, I'm on DeviantART. Here's the link for that: