In between school and con prep (one month to ACen!), I've been busy like a...thing....that's, uh, busy? But that's okay because I'm completely adapted to not smoking - more or less - and the doctors finally okayed me for robotification.

With my new and improved robot body and hooters, I can more effectively knock out the various projects on my list. And I can shoot lasers now, so that's cool. Here's what I've got going on:

Wayward #4 hit a bit of a speed bump. Have you ever gotten halfway through a poorly thought out project only to finally accept that it's going to shit, got off on the wrong foot, and it would be best to just start over from scratch? That's basically what happened. I was experimenting with a new workflow and it just wasn't working out. Some of the previous work can still be used, so it's not a total loss. Either way, I'm on the right track now and my (nigh-impossible) goal is to have it ready by Wizard World Chicago this August. That's not going to happen.

Remember when I said I was thinking about doing a series of anime-inspired Chubs for ACen? Go ahead and forget that. I quickly realized that I'm done with Chubs for a while. So what's new for ACen? Well, I am working on this:

I've been interested in experimenting with pin ups for a while. And I love Mega Man, sooooo.....

I'm actually upset that I hadn't thought of this earlier. I do want to explicitly note that this a very early, very rough version. I've got a lot of work to do before this looks right. But my goal is to have prints of this ready by ACen. Again, probably not going to happen, but there ya go. 

Oh yeah. Portal 2? Amaaaaaazing.