The Orphans are now in the Simon Store. Before we go any further, I promise not to make any terrible "adopt one today!" jokes, 'cause that's just too easy.

I've had some people asking about these, so I should apologize for the delay. These were drawn on an iPad and, as I should already know by now, what you see on the screen/tablet isn't necessarily what you're going to get on print. I've been walking a lot of revisions to the printers recently. Tweak. Print. Repeat as necessary. I should give some props to the people at the printing company I frequent for their patience.

There are six pieces total. Each piece is 9x11 and printed on the same glossy cardstock as the rest of the Simon prints. You can buy them piecemeal for $15 per print, or you can do like all the smart and sexy cool people and get the entire six piece set for just $50. My brain can't do math effectively at this late hour, but I think if you buy the entire set, you actually save like fifteen thousand dollars or something.

You'll never go hungry again.
I plan to add the same buy-the-full-set-for-a-reduced-price deal for the rest of my print sets very soon, so keep an eye out for that.