Hoooooray gadgets.

So there's these quick things I did over the weekend:

They look so happy to be alive.

Both of these were thrown together on Autodesk's Sketchbook Pro. It's a nifty little program for the Mac, iPad, and the iPhone. These were done on the iPad version. 

Saturday night, I was over at Bryan's doing vile, unspeakable things and playing through the Mega Man Collection. He'd play to game over, swap, I'd play to game over, swap, etc. When he was playing, I started to sketch.

Just a bundle of unbridled joy.
I've been messing around with a new digital painting technique in Photoshop, so as soon as I finished with the sketch, I immediately wanted to blow my crew off and go to my apartment where all my equipment is. (Computer, scanner, Wacom.) I'm a really good friend.

But I didn't because that would be incredibly rude and it was really cold outside. Then I remembered Bry had told me about the Sketchbook app and remembered there was an iPad version. So I bought it ($2.99). Now I had to figure out how to scan the sketch to the iPad so I could begin painting. It turns out the iPhone 4 camera can make for a pretty decent impromptu scanner. So I took a picture of the sketch, emailed it to myself, picked up the email on my iPad, imported the sketch to Sketchbook, and began painting.

That was a pretty boring story for you, but shit like that excites the hell out of me.

The Mega Man piece was done that night with my fingers, the way god intended. But since I don't like doing things god's way, I got an iPad stylus the next day and did the Mario piece while everyone else watched that football championship contest thing. There was no physical sketch for the Mario piece, it was done entirely in-program.

Both of these are pretty rough because I'm still figuring out the technique and the program, so I'm probably going to go back and try to redo these, but I'm really excited by the potential. Before, I could only work on a piece when I was at home, no one was over, and the rest of the world was asleep. But with the iPad, the app, and the stylus, I can work on my horrible, horrible images all the time.